World News – AU – Gold miner woman killed in remote underground mine


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Posted: 09:43 GMT, Dec.. December 2020 | Updated: 09:43 GMT, Nov.. December 2020

A female miner was killed in a « tragic incident » during gold mining in Western Australia.

The employee died after being hit by heavy machinery at Westgold Resources’ Big Bell underground mine, northwest of Cue, in midwestern Washington.

Rescue workers treated the worker on site before she was flown to a hospital in Perth by the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The employee died after being hit by heavy machinery in Westgold Resources’ underground Big Bell Mine, northwest of Cue, in Midwest Washington (Image: an excavator at the Big Bell Mine in Western Australia)

‘Our hearts go out to the family of our employees and to the Executive Chairman of Westgold Resources, Peter Cook.

‘The safety and well-being of our employees are our priority. Therefore, we will ensure that a thorough investigation into this tragic incident is carried out.

The company will make an announcement of operations on site upon completion of an investigation (pictured, the Big Bell mine).

The miner was killed in a « tragic incident » during underground gold mining (picture: the Big Bell underground mine)

‘In the meantime, we will be fully supportive of her family and colleagues during this difficult time. ‘

The company will remain on a trading freeze for 48 hours while the investigation continues and another announcement pending operations at Big Bell.

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World News – AU – Female gold miners killed in remote underground mine


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