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The second director of « Halo Infinite » was reportedly pulled from the project following a disappointing gameplay demonstration ridiculed by fans in various social media outfits

Bloomberg reported that Chris Lee, longtime executive of 343 Industries and director of « Halo Infinite, » has quit the project In a statement released to the publication, Lee confirmed that he had withdrawn from « Halo Infinite and that he is currently looking for future opportunities In a separate statement, Microsoft said the executive is still an employee

Lee joined 343 Industries in 2008 and has been at the head of the studio since 2013 He has said he believes in the team and is confident they will deliver a great game His recent departure is another blow to « Halo Infinite »

Halo Infinite was originally intended to be the launch title for the Xbox Series X Photo: instacodez / flickr

He is the third development manager to leave the project in two years. In August of last year, Tim Longo was reassigned with Mary Olson, in charge of the development of the “Halo Infinite” campaign Lee was supposed to continue to lead the overall creative production and vision of the project

In July, 343 Industries released a video of “Halo Infinite” that sounded disappointing and below fan expectations The images drew taunts and slurs in various social media outfits, particularly on Twitter Several weeks later, Lee confirmed that the Xbox Series X launch title would be delayed until 2021

“Halo Infinite” was originally slated for release with Microsoft’s next-gen gaming console After the announcement, Microsoft commissioned “Halo” developer Joe Staten to contribute to the game’s single-player campaign Meanwhile, Pierre Hintze, a senior Microsoft executive, has been tasked with improving the multiplayer mode of « Halo Infinite »

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According to the Bloomberg report, the former director stepped down several weeks after the game’s delayed release was announced Lee found himself « sidelined » by the arrival of newly hired executives, according to Windows Central’s Jez Corden report on Twitter said that « other major staff changes to come as well »

Microsoft has yet to announce a new release date for “Halo Infinite” outside of the 2021 release window There are rumors that the game may not be released as a single game

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News from around the world – AU – « Halo Infinite » director steps down from the project


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