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Having the week off is a huge plus this year – of all years – when there have been no byes and the sides are crawling in line

Melbourne coach Craig Bellamy rested many of his players in the final round against the Dragons so his key men were fresh and ready to go after spending the week before Friday night’s preliminary final against Canberra at Suncorp Stadium

HOW THE STORM CAN WIN The Melbourne attack was unrecognizable a few years ago, when Cooper Cronk and Billy Slater were playing alongside Cameron Smith

At the time, they were working their offense to a point on the field, then the « Big Three » did their thing from set pieces

They went from a super structured game to a team that offloads and moves the ball from anywhere on the pitch

They go through space no matter where they are When they’re unloaded and the ball comes out the back to a center forward, they keep flipping it until it finds Cameron Munster , Jahrome Hughes or Ryan Papenhuyzen

Andrew Johns reckons the Melbourne Storm will be the first team to compete in the LNRC Grand FinalCredit: Getty

They immediately put the ball in the hands of creative players and from there they are very difficult to stop

Their attack from the left side, orchestrated by Munster, was devastating The only question mark over him is his knee injury, but he’s a big game player who rarely fails to deliver

Melbourne’s other huge advantage is their bench They start with Nelson Asofa-Solomona this week, but after that come Tino Faasuamaleaui, Dale Finucane and Brandon Smith Good luck stopping them

HOW THE RAIDERS CAN WIN The Raiders have the style that worries the Storm – just like they did in last week’s semi-final victory over the Roosters

They beat them in Week 1 of the Finals last year and can do it again thanks to Jack Wighton’s running game, Josh Papalii’s footwork, and John Bateman’s versatility when he crab across the field then puts a smart kick behind the line

Joseph Tapine was great against the Roosters, but I think the Storm forwards will chase him this week

They will try to exhaust him by sending a lot of players in attack When Tapine takes the ball, watch the markers launch and cut his legs

PLAYER TO WATCH Bellamy is certainly one of the greatest coaches in history. He changed the game and changed players too

Under Bellamy, Justin Olam became one of the best punching centers in the world No one had heard of him two years ago

I expect Olam to cause drama on the Raiders’ right side all night long, closing the gap between center Jordan Rapana and half-back George Williams

I thought Rapana struggled defensively against the Roosters, so I expect the Storm to blow up this side of the pitch at every opportunity

They will work to their right before returning to the left, forcing Rapana to make decisions all night

JOEY’S PLAYBOOK Both teams will be set for the set and Melbourne will be waiting for Canberra’s big men amid fatigue

They will try to get a game of fastball in the middle of the field, until the Raiders have only one marker

That’s when Smith runs to one side of the scrum, pulling the marker on him, before moving inside, through the scrum, to a flying Papenhuyzen

This exposes that first defender – defender « A » With so much room to move, the full-back is almost impossible to stop

Watch this game especially if the Storm gets a call six times They’ll pick an area of ​​the pitch and hit until they get one

THE VERDICTCanberra must start well and shake the Melbourne cage But keeping the advantage, as we’ve seen in this series of finals, is easier said than done

The Storms have adapted well to the Rule of Six again as they are perfectly in control of the speed of the game.

Other teams struggled to gain and maintain momentum But other teams lack Cameron Smith

I said it before: this is the best I have ever seen He not only controls the tempo with his fainting, but also his kicks

The Finals made the game even faster, which means the ruck is the game More than ever, it determines the outcome

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