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Posted: 05:13 GMT, Dec.. December 2020 | Updated: 08:29 GMT, Dec.. December 2020

New details have emerged about the « confidential plan » allowing Dannii Minogue to bypass hotel quarantine and instead spend 14 days at her Gold Coast villa.

Ms. Minogue avoided a bill for 2. $ 800 and spending two weeks in a supervised hotel after receiving a medical exemption in July for debilitating claustrophobia.

The 49-year-old was able to travel straight to her accommodation with her 10-year-old son Ethan after returning to Queensland from the United States to film The Masked Singer.

However, the police, who are responsible for strict adherence to COVID-19 in Queensland, did not know what precautions were being taken for Ms. Minogue to self-quarantine. This is evident from documents submitted to the Brisbane Times under the right to information.

New documents have shed light on the behind-the-scenes work being carried out for Dannii Minogues (pictured) self-quarantine at her Gold Coast home after she returned from the United States with her son in July.

A detective superintendent emailed the State Health Emergency Coordination Center saying that details of the « special exemption » had not been provided, according to the records.

« Can Queensland Health please provide the Sierra Linnet Task Force with information on Ms. Minogue’s self-quarantine conditions, a copy of the self-quarantine policy, and details of who is responsible for verifying compliance in this regard? » Detective Superintendent wrote in the email.

‘That responsibility has traditionally been with the Sierra Linnet Task Force, where people in the community are in self-quarantine. However, we are currently not aware of the agreements between Q-Health and Ms. Minogue. ‘

Two days later, a member of the Chief Health Officer replied that details could not be disclosed due to the « confidentiality » of the plan. .

Ms. Minogue’s quarantine is administered by (edited) according to a detailed health and safety plan, including a 24/7 private on-site security keeping an activity log available to the Public Health Department (Gold Coast) is provided. Due to the confidentiality of this plan, it will not be disclosed at this time, ”the employee wrote.

The employee noted that the parties had been advised that the police could conduct random compliance checks during the 14-day quarantine period.

Ms. Minogue (pictured) defended the hotel quarantine release on medical grounds, saying she was sticking to the book.

Queensland Health was founded on Jan.. Asked for permission from an « independent third party » on June 6th to administer Ms. Minogue’s self-quarantine.

The then Chief Health Officer of the state, Dr. Jeannette Young said some people in the film and television industries could avoid hotel quarantine if they had a convenient place to spend the required 14 days out of the community.

A senior medical advisor from Queensland Health recommended Dr. Young to approve the self-quarantine application, noting that the proposal helped make entry easier for key people traveling for the entertainment, film and sports industries.

Dr. Young said Ms. Minogue has « a COVID-safe plan administered by an independent third party, that’s why she received this exemption ». .

She added that Ms. Minogue is not bringing charges against the government as it is funding all of its own arrangements.

The arrival of Ms. Minogue on the Gold Coast on Jan.. July sparked a backlash after skipping the hotel stay that other Australians endured.

The office of Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk has been inundated with complaints, prompting a staff member to seek advice from Queensland Health on standard words that could be used in an answer.

Ms. Minogue later insisted that she received no special treatment, saying in an interview with The Daily Telegraph that those who judged her « did not know the facts ».

An independent third party contacted Queensland Health in June to request an exemption from hotel quarantine for Ms. Minogue (pictured).

« I wouldn’t ask for ‘celebrity’ treatment or do anything special, » Ms. Minogue told the publication.

‘I went through the book and made sure my priority was protecting everyone – everyone. ‘

‘It took me a long time to bring this all together so that the Queensland government was happy, the Queensland health officials were happy, and I was happy. I added extra things (the COVID-19 safety plan) so I know I can sleep at night. ‘

A Queensland Health spokesman said since Jan.. November only one person was granted an exemption that was approved two months before their trip.

The spokesman said special suites have been set up in government-arranged accommodations for those with complex medical quarantine needs.

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World News – AU – How Dannii Minogue was allowed to be quarantined at home
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