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According to recent research of Thycotic-sponsored technology purchase decision, a large number of executives and IT and operations security teams primarily look to the advice of independent analysts when evaluating a PAM or PIM solution that will work best with their organizations. This means that independent analysis becomes extremely important in identifying which vendors belong on your shortlist to consider.

So, it is especially gratifying that Thycotic is again ranked as a leader by Forrester Research Inc. In its new report, The Forrester Wave: Privileged Identity Management, Q4 2020. You can get a free copy of the report here.

Transparent Forrester Waveuses criteria for scoring the best sellers in a specific industry as Premium Identity Management, describing them according to strengths across three categories: Existing Product Offerings; strategy; And market presence, and is ranked according to 24 major criteria. In this latest report from Wave, Forrester evaluated ten PIM vendors. Thycotic scored highest possible on 11 criteria including SaaS / Cloud and Innovation & Integration Roadmap. Thycotic also scored highest possible for the following criteria: deployment, product and service support, business model, and proven PIM base.

The report emphasized that PIM solutions should support DevOps teams and IT administrators who are configuring cloud infrastructure, robotics, IoT, and API-based workloads.. Additionally, the report notes that Forrester customers say that machine identities are growing at twice the rate of human identities, and that the superuser definition is expanding to include non-IT users..

While the Forrester Wavereport report includes analytical summaries as well as scoring forms and single competitor scorecards, the most unique part of the report to many is the Wave graphic itself shown here.

The Forrester Wave graphic shown here is divided into different shades of blue representing the relative positions in the market: competitors, rivals, strong performers, and leaders. Based on their strategy and product outcomes, vendors are positioned to give an easy and visual way to understand their position relative to one another..

Firms positioned higher on the vertical axis of the chart have higher scores for their current product offerings, and the points on the right side on the horizontal axis represent companies with a stronger strategy and stronger market presence.

By making its scoring standards transparent, and asking each vendor the same questions, Forrester aims to conduct a fair comparison of suppliers to enable companies to make more objective decisions. The Forrester Wave report also emphasized that companies should look for PIM providers who:

As a leader in the latest Forrester Wave PIM 2020 Report, we feel the report helps validate Thycotic’s strategy in offering the Premium Account Management option as a full-featured service with Secret Server Cloud, as well as on the -premise option, Secret Server. Thycotic is known for innovative PAM solutions that are easily adopted by IT teams because they are easy to deploy and use, and Thycotic continues to expand its PAM offerings including premium behavior analytics, franchise manager, our latest additions, data access control, cloud, remote and identity bridge.

To help you rate your PIM and PAM vendors, you can read the full report by downloading a free copy here.

*** This is a compilation blog on Thycotic Safety Blogger Network by Chris Smith. Read the original post at: https://thycotic. com / company / blog / 2020/11/19 / forrester-wave-pim-Leader-2020 -ivileged-Identity-Management /

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World News – AU – How Modern Analyst Research Can Help You Find the Right PAM Vendor – Safety Street
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