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Queen Elizabeth II. of England is the largest landowner in the world. Her sister, Princess Margaret, meanwhile, had much of the UK tabloids’ customs and covers for much of the mid to late 20s. Locked in the 20th century.

Margaret was in many ways the epitome of the modern king, caught between tradition, duty, desire and public opinion. She grew up with immense privileges and enjoyed the luxuries that came with royalty, but was also frustrated with the unique restrictions it placed on her. Margaret died in 2002 after struggling with health problems for much of her adult life. Many of them were fueled by the calamity that came with the strains of their circumstances.

Margaret was four years younger than her sister and six years old when her uncle, King Edward VIII. , abdicated to the throne to marry an American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. She moved to Buckingham Palace with her family, led by her father, the new King George VI. They made it through England during WWII and Margaret has grown into a sociable, fun teenager, traits that would later become her calling card.

The tragedy occurred in 1952 when King George VI. died in his sleep after struggling with lung cancer that elevated Elizabeth, then 25, to the throne. Margaret and her father were exceptionally close and she is said to have had dinner with him in the past few hours. From that point on, Margaret’s penchant for occasional smoking became a serious addiction and she was known to smoke up to 60 strong Chesterfield cigarettes a day.

Margaret fell in love with Group Captain Peter Townsend, a handsome and decorated soldier who had served her father as an aide since 1944. He was 16 years older than her and married with two children, but the two instantly connected. They became closer after George’s death, and Townsend later divorced his wife in 1952 to marry Margaret.

They were seen together at Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, and he actually suggested the same year. She immediately accepted, but the same firm tradition that forced her uncle to abdicate the throne delayed any hope of marriage. Not only did she need permission from Elizabeth under the Royal Marriages Act of 1772, but the Church of England would not bless a royal union with a divorced person if her ex-partner was still alive. Elizabeth asked her to wait a while and Townsend was sent to Brussels. When he returned in 1955, Margaret no longer needed her sister’s permission to marry, but felt obliged to break off the engagement.

The princess was devastated by the decision, which hardly felt like one made of her own free will. Had she married Townsend, she would have had to revoke all her rights as queen, just as her uncle had. Given the turmoil surrounding the crown at the time, this was not an option.

Queen Elizabeth II. (L) and Princess Margaret come by carriage to Horse Guards Parade in London in May 1993.

Five years later, Margaret married a famous photographer named Antony Armstrong-Jones, the first royal marriage to be televised. Over 300 million people watched the two get married. Together, they delved into the swinging ’60s, taking the hedonistic delights of the decade to the utmost. Indulgences were no stranger to her; Her morning routine, as you know, began with chain smoking in bed and a late breakfast with vodka before lunch that revolved around large glasses of wine.

Margaret and Armstrong-Jones, who became Lord Snowdon, had two children in quick succession but never ceased to be the life of the party. They drank and smoked too much and partied with Mick Jagger, Peter Sellers and other A-list celebrities. Their affection was true, but their personalities and backgrounds increasingly brought them into conflict, and their marriage began its slow downtrend in the late 1960s.

Lord Snowdon began to dodge the spotlight, working endless hours in his role as art director for the Sunday Times, treating Margaret with increasing cruelty. Both initiated extramarital affairs; Margaret began seeing a Scottish writer named Robin Douglas-Home while Lord Snowdon had a number of indiscretions on the way to work. The press began reporting on their problems in 1967, leading to an attempt at reconciliation, but of little use.

They drifted on and Margaret began an affair with Roderic Llewellyn, a man 18 years her junior, in 1973. Llewellyn accompanied them on trips to the Caribbean island of Mustique. On this island, Margaret is said to have suffered a nervous breakdown in 1974, which allegedly led to friends and family bugging her room. She sought treatment for depression from Mark Collins, a psychiatrist at the Priory Clinic, a hospital known for treating the rich and famous.

Meanwhile, she continued to drink and smoke, her husband was no longer willing to talk to her and get involved in his own business. After news of her relationship with Llewellyn hit the tabloids, Margaret and Lord Snowdon officially split in 1976. Margaret was losing much publicity, and the tabloids followed her for every move, ridiculed and speculated, and noted her increasing time in the Caribbean.

Reports over the years suggest that she tried to commit suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills, although Margaret herself denied the incident.

« I was so exhausted from all I wanted to do was sleep, » she later said. “And I did it until the next afternoon. « 

Margaret and Lord Snowdon divorced in 1978, the first royal divorce in 400 years. Just as her love life was restricted by her predecessors, Margaret’s decision to dissolve her own marriage later opened doors for later generations of British kings.

That same year, Margaret began with 25 years of sporadic illness and tragic decline. She was diagnosed with hepatitis and gastroenteritis, which required a public statement from Kensington Palace, and was hospitalized for several days. The divorce notification actually came while she was sick in bed at home. Her relationship with Llewyn ended in 1980 and she would not have significant romantic relationships after that.

The Queen Mother (L) watches as Princess Margaret is evicted by William Tallon (R) while Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry take off on Nov.. August 2001 at Clarence House in London on the 101st. Look at the Queen Mother’s birthday

Her popularity recovered over time, but her health continued to suffer. Hepatitis returned in 1984, and Margaret underwent emergency pulmonary surgery in 1985 when doctors removed part of her left lung after smoking for more than 30 years. She was lucky enough not to have a malignant tumor like the one King George suffered, but the parallels with her beloved father were evident to all.

The princess reportedly quit smoking for a while after the operation, but returned immediately three months later, reverting to a relatively tamer habit of 30 cigarettes a day. Then she is said to have climaxed her smoking habit when she was persuaded to give up her infamous whiskey fondness.

Unfortunately, the many years of hard life made for a sad last decade for the princess. In 1992 she had to cancel engagements and was hospitalized with a fever. In 1993 she was hospitalized with pneumonia. This incident eventually caused Margaret to finally kick cigarettes.

Margaret suffered a stroke in 1998 while vacationing in Mustique, the vacation spot that became a house of horror. She was enjoying spending time with a friend on the island when she fell ill, and the news got far enough that Buckingham Palace announced her to the world shortly thereafter.

The stroke didn’t seem too serious, and photographers snapped her to a car that took her to the local hospital in Barbados. Furthermore, a spokesman for the Mustique Company, which operated the island, promised in a press release that Margaret “could walk from her car across the asphalt to the plane” and that “she was also on the plane, there was no need for a stretcher. « 

Still, the stroke would usher in five years of ongoing health crises. It was in Mustique again that Margaret had badly scalded feet when she got into a bath. The Telegraph suggested that she had a delayed reaction to the hot water due to her Raynaud’s disease, a circulatory disease sometimes caused by smoking. After that, she was bedridden for a while when she recovered, although the palace denied that she had been hospitalized in any serious condition. From that point on, Margaret was generally seen in a wheelchair in her rare public appearances.

The next few years were marked by solemn reports of medical problems in both the reputable newspapers and tabloids, which tended to dramatize the incidents. She reportedly went to her bedroom in late 2000 with severe depression, despite the palace pushing back that report. Instead, she received medical treatment for what was believed to be another stroke, when it may have been just the lasting effects of the first stroke.

Margaret was reportedly very upset about the sale of her home on Mustique, even though there had been problems over the years. Worse still was the partial loss of her vision in April 2001, a condition caused by the effects of multiple strokes, including one that was confirmed the previous month.

Margaret’s last public appearance was in December 2001 when she was attending the 100th anniversary celebration. Birthday of Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. In February 2002 Margaret suffered another stroke and died in her sleep the following day in King Edward VII Hospital.

The younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II. led an enchanted life as a member of the British royal family, but unlucky in love.

Princess Margaret was a royal rebel who followed a different path of life than her sister who came to the throne.

On her coast-to-coast visit to the United States, Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister impressed. the Hollywood elite and Washington D. . C.. . Leaders like Lyndon B. . Johnson.

Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister was often bossy and difficult, and loved having a good time – at the expense of others.

John Hinckley Jr. wanted on 30. March 1981 caught the attention of actress Jodie Foster. aimed at the newly elected commander in chief.

The world watched as the « rehab » singer lost control of her life and died prematurely at the age of 27.

Thanks to a friend who dressed the king in his clothes, Diana was able to go incognito and spend a carefree evening on the town.

The true crime writer has spent the last six years of her life chasing the infamous California serial killer and rapist.

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World News – AU – Inside Princess Margaret’s Physical and Mental Health Battles
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