World News – AU – ISIL attack hits Afghan capital as Pompeo participates in peace talks


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Mortar shells struck a residential area in the Afghan capital, killing eight people on Saturday, hours before U left. . S.. . Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held what would be his final meetings with Taliban negotiators and the Afghan government to work out a peace deal.

The attack came during peace talks in Qatar in which Pompeo informed Afghan government negotiators that the U. . S.. . will « sit on the side and help where we can » in negotiations with Taliban militants. The U. . S.. . The military announced a sudden visit by B-52H long-range bombers to the Middle East in the Middle East, undermining America’s continued presence in the region.

Two Taliban officials told The Associated Press that the warring sides had found common ground on which to move the stalled talks forward. The officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak to journalists did not elaborate.

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World news – AU-ISIL attack hits Afghan capital as Pompeo takes part in peace talks
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