World News – AU – ISL 2020-21 HIGHLIGHTS, ATK Mohun Bagan v FC Goa: Krishna helps ATKMB beat frustrated Goa 1-0


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Roy Krishna’s goal in the last moments is enough for ATK Mohun Bagan to score a 1-0 win over FC Goa.

Goa’s Princeton Rebello is substituted for Lenny Rodrigues, while ATKMB’s Pritam Kotal shows a yellow card.

ATK Mohun Bagn makes another change when Prabir Das replaces Manvir Singh.

Ortiz is free and Carl McHugh enters. Arindam Bhattacharja rushes out to clean things up. The Goa players are in their arms demanding a free kick, but the referee points to the goal kick.

Seiminlen Doungel and Ivan Gonzalez are absent and in their place come Aiban Dohling and Jorge Mendoza

James Donachie disapproves of his release and meets Roy Krishna. The ATKMB striker looks painful while the FCG defenders look on in confusion. The referee waves continue to play.

Noguera’s header is out, but it is too close to the goalkeeper when Arindam Bhattacharja catches it.

56 ‘- SAVE! Romario with a good cross that finds Noguera, whose attempt is saved by Arindam. #RiseAgain #ATKMBFCG #HeroISL | 0-0

53 ‘@ RoyKrishna21 is cut off by Donachie, giving us the free kick on the edge of the penalty area. #ATKMohunBagan 0 – 0 # FCGoa # JoyMohunBagan #Mariners #ATKMBFCG #IndianFootball

Quick thinking of Pronay Halder trying to punch Nawaz as he slips after trying to clear the ball. Halder shoots halfway, but the shot misses.

What an attack by Alexander Jesuraj to deny Manvir Singh the chance to turn around and shoot.

Gaurs were frustrated with their possessions themselves, they did not destroy their opponent’s defenses. Mariners would be happy to have played their game so far and now hope to counterattack them.

A bit of romance in the middle of the field after Roy Krishna was fouled by Alberto Noguera, the players are in each other’s arms as the rest of the players tumble in. The referee has the situation under control.

A possession by FC Goa and ATKMB sends a long diagonal ball to Williams, who cuts inward and releases with his left hand. Nawaz didn’t stand a chance, but is saved by mail.

Only extensive efforts have found the way to the keep, but they did not disturb them. Goa FC have to play the long ball from defense, not from behind as usual.

ATK Mohun Bagan likes to sit back and try to hit his opponent on the counter.

Roy Krishna tries his luck from afar after receiving the ball on the left just outside the penalty area. He wobbles past a few players and takes a snapshot that Nawaz can easily save.

While the players argue, an argument ensues and Williams confronts and pokes Edu Bedia. The referee shows Williams yellow.

21 ‘- Another free kick when Len is knocked down by Pritam. #RiseAgain #ATKMBFCG #HeroISL | 0-0

Tiri is booked for his leading arm as he rises to the header. He’s angry because he disagrees with the referee!

15 ‘@ Tiri1991 picks up the first yellow card of the evening. #ATKMohunBagan 0 – 0 # FCGoa # JoyMohunBagan #Mariners #ATKMBFCG #IndianFootball

From the resulting corner, Roy Krishna is there to clear it up and Tiri tries to clear it, but the long-range shot flies past.

13 ‘- Manvir trips Seriton and the Gaurs take their first free kick of the game. #RiseAgain #ATKMBFCG #HeroISL | 0-0

ATKMB pushes up onto the field and Edu Bedia is surprised by Roy Krishna.

Pronay Halder sends the strikers to attack. David Williams is there to try to throw it over the goalkeeper with a stretch but Nawaz is ready and observant. FC Goa sighs in relief!

Roy Krishna is fouled by James Donachie. After Pronay Halder’s free kick, Donachie is out of danger.

ISL 2020-21 Highlights, ATK Mohun Bagan v FC Goa Latest Updates: Roy Krishna scored in the 85th. A goal minute after the penalty spot when ATK Mohun Bagan defeated FC Goa 1-0 in the Indian Super League at Fatorda Stadium.

After the opponent Go Go, who finished fifth with 8 points, slipped from the top position in the Indian Super League table after having been without a win in the last two games, they are not far away.

In this competition, not only do two of the strongest teams at the ISL compete against each other, but also two tactically solid managers with different philosophies.

ATKMB coach Antonio Habas does not put all eggs in the « ball possession » basket. His team is known for counterattacks and defensive organization. So far, the Kolkata giants have had an average of 46 percent possession – the third lowest value for a team this season.

Juan Ferrando’s FC Goa team is the opposite. The Gaurs love to dominate opponents and have usually made up the lion’s share of the ball. They have an average of 59 percent possession – most of them from one team in this campaign.

ATKMB however has two injury concerns with doubts for Javi Hernandez and Tiri. Injuries to the duo have upset the team’s balance and Habas acknowledged the problem after his side lost points in their previous game against Hyderabad FC.

« There is still a long way to go (this season) », Habas said that his team had lost the top spot. « Of course we don’t want to lose, but we have a lot of injury problems. But we have to restore the players and get them to compete. « 

While Igor Angulo will try to increase his goalscoring rate for the Gaurs, Roy Krishna will be key for ATKMB in counterattacks. The Fijian has scored four of his team’s six goals so far – all goals come in the second half.

Of the five goals Goa has scored so far, three have come after the break and Ferrando understand that their team must be vigilant throughout the game.

« It is very important to have a plan for the team because we are playing against a very good team, not just Krishna, » he said.

« It is of course important to be compact (but) also to pay attention to the time, the area of ​​the ball and the spaces. It is important to focus on these details for 90 minutes. This team is amazing because they work hard for 90 minutes. « 

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World News – AU – ISL 2020-21 HIGHLIGHTS, ATK Mohun Bagan vs FC Goa: Krishna helps ATKMB beat frustrated Goa 1-0


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