World News – AU – Jackson Warne had never eaten soup, steak or tangerines before SAS Australia


Jackson Warne opened up to the news about his limited diet after his superb TV confession that he had never tried soup

Jackson Warne stunned SAS Australia viewers last night when he revealed he had never tried tomato soup before

The 21-year-old son of cricket legend Shane Warne commented on Schapelle Corby on the Channel 7 show, saying, « I’ve never had it I’ve only eaten 10 different foods before I have always had the same thing since I was young « 

Really surprised at the lack of food exposure of Jackson Warne how sterotypically Australian #SASAustralia

« OK, eggs, bacon, toast, cereal, burgers, nachos, crisps, potatoes… that’s about it, » Jackson laughed in a conversation with Comau this morning

Letting us spend his typical day on a plate, Jackson said, « In the morning I would wake up and have eggs and bacon with an oatmeal shake. I would go to the gym and I would I would work out, then I would have two burgers and a protein shake and then I would rest for the rest of the day And for dinner I would have a lasagna or pasta « 

The poker player said: « It’s not like I don’t want to try other foods, it’s just that I enjoy what I eat and it works for me »

« The food on the show, there were all these different foods that I hadn’t eaten before and they were delicious, » Jackson said.comau

« We had oats for breakfast and lunches were usually soup For dinner the first night we had these mini steaks It was my first time having a steak! »

Jackson said most of his SAS Australia co-stars were jealous of his limited dining experiences

“The rest of the rookies were jealous in the sense that at 21 I can try all of these foods for the first time, like sushi, fruit, steaks,” he says “They said they wished they could go back to the first time they tried all of these foods « 

When his culinary confession scene aired in last night’s episode, Jackson said he was inundated with messages from people calling him « soup boy » and sending him the emoji to them. tomatoes

« I was watching the show with mom last night and she said, ‘Oh, you could ask Heinz if you wanna be the face of their next soup! «  » Jackson laughs

It’s not too hard to guess where Jackson’s endless love for the same foods has come from, with Shane Warne’s love for baked beans and canned spaghetti having been well publicized over the years. years

« He’s obsessed with baked beans and canned spaghetti, » Jackson said of his father « We used to go to restaurants for breakfast and we all ordered eggs, toast and vegemite and he would bring canned spaghetti and ask them to put it on toast This is how much he loves canned spaghetti « 

The big question is, will Jackson expand his regime now that he’s finished filming SAS Australia?

« I’m still locked out in Melbourne so I couldn’t go out to a restaurant and try some good dinners, » he told Newscomau « But my sister Brooke, she lives with me in this moment and she is a very good cook, so all the food she ate, I nibbled a bit « 

Trying new dishes wasn’t Jackson’s biggest fear when SAS Australia arrived; it was actually dating and relationships with his co-stars

« My number one fear when entering the show was to socialize, » he told newscomau « But I got along so well with everyone

« When I walk into a room at a party or a wedding, whether I’m next to dad or alone, I know they know who I am and have a perception of me It’s a battle constant where I have to prove that I am not what they think I am

« As I got older, I realized that I am so happy with who I am and that I have confidence in myself and that I don’t care about this stuff anymore

« I don’t know, that’s such a tough question, » Jackson told Comau News when asked what he wanted to do after SAS Australia aired

« I’m not really looking to do more TV shows… I wasn’t going to this show for a TV show experience, I was doing more of what I learned and from the DS (direction ), which was discipline, maturity, time management and that sort of thing

« It’s hard to say what will come next when you’re in the middle of a pandemic. I’d like to play poker this summer »

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Jackson Warne

World News – AU – Jackson Warne had never eaten soup, steak or tangerines before SAS Australia


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