World News – AU – Jessie J reveals she has been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and is deaf in her right ear


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English singer-songwriter Jessie J’s hearing and balance disorders were caused by a syndrome that affects the inner ear, the singer shared on Instagram with Lebe over the weekend.

According to Fox News, the 32-year-old singer has difficulty hearing from her right ear, she said. Jessie J explained of the symptoms she was having: « I woke up feeling completely numb in my right ear, couldn’t walk in a straight line. Basically, I was told I had Meniere Syndrome. « 

As reported by Fox News, crooner ‘Bang Bang’ continued in her statement, adding, « I know a lot of people suffer from it, and I’ve actually had a lot of people who have turned to me and given me Great advice so I just lay in the quiet. « 

Meniere’s disease can occur at any age, but is typically found in young and mid-adult adults and « is a disorder of the inner ear that can cause dizziness (vertigo) and hearing loss, » according to the Mayo Clinic.

« In most cases, Meniere’s disease only affects one ear. « Although Meniere’s disease is viewed as a chronic disease, various treatments can alleviate symptoms and reduce the long-term effects on everyday life.

After her discovery and subsequent quest for answers, the pop star told her fans that she felt « a lot better », especially now that she has been given the right medicine since then. « 

According to Fox News, the British actress didn’t address the setback and told her fans not to fret because it could be worse. She said, « It is what it is. I am super grateful for my health. It just blew me away. On Christmas Eve I went to the ear clinic and asked: « What’s going on? » But I’m thankful I left early and they quickly figured out what it was. « 

Fox News reported that Jessie J said she was starting to feel comfortable singing despite her diagnosis, adding that she « isn’t really good at singing out loud yet, but I just miss singing so much. « 

She later described her symptoms and said she had « no focus » and my ear sounds like someone crawled in and turned on a hairdryer. « 

Jessie J, Ménière’s disease, dizziness, hearing loss

World News – AU – Jessie J announces she has been diagnosed with Menière’s disease and is deaf in her right ear


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