World News – AU – Jon Bon Jovi Changes the Words of Fairytale Of New York in « Worst Version Ever »


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Jon Bon Jovi’s version of Fairytale Of New York was released as part of a three-track EP. Image: Robert Cianflone ​​/ Getty Images

Jon Bon Jovi has been widely criticized for his version of Fairytale of New York, in which he changes some of the controversial lyrics of the Christmas classic. The American singer, who was released as part of a three-part EP of seasonal songs, temporarily lapsed into a faux-Irish accent while singing the roles of Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl.

Those who targeted Bon Jovi included Steve Lillywhite, producer of the original The Pogues and husband of the late MacColl at the time of its release. In a tweet he described the new version of the song as « the worst version ever » and « embarrassing and pointless ». .

Other comments on the song’s YouTube upload, as well as on social media, have largely criticized the singer’s attempt, focusing specifically on his accent and pronunciation.

« This is sad and the way he pronounces ‘Galway’ really shows his ignorance. Shocking, « says a YouTube user, Ian Murphy.

Bod Cooke intervened: « Sounds like a tribute to Leonard Cohen, who sings marbles with a sip. « 

The song has resurfaced annually on the sales and streaming charts since its release in 1987 and has become a staple on December radio playlists across English-speaking countries.

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World News – AU – Jon Bon Jovi changes the words of the Fairy Tale of New York at worst Times execution ‘


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