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The Satisfied Netflix Dash & Lily Series We Really Have The Holiday Spirit. The show, adapted from Rachel Cohn and David Leviathan’s 2010 novel Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares, follows an unexpected love story that unfolds between strangers Dash (Austin Abrams) and Lily (Midori Francis). The two New Yorkers forge a bond via anonymous notes to each other, making their Big Apple Eid celebrations a little unprecedented..

Dash & Lily is a super fun watch, and you’ll likely get a little bothered once you cycle through all 8 episodes. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there. During their conversation with POPSUGAR, actors Abrams, Francis, Glenn McQueen, Dante Brown, and Troy Iwata revealed their favorite holiday movies that you can stand on their waiting list to keep your party going..

In an interview with POPSUGAR, Abrams revealed that his best films of the holiday season feature a classic cartoon character.. He said, « I love Charlie Brown movies ».

She told Francis Pop Sugar that « Home Alone » has been one of her favorite Christmas movies since she was a child. She said, « My dad showed me that. ». “I was afraid to leave the house alone, so it was great to see that.

It also chose The Family Man 2000 as another must-watch. She said, « I love him. ». «  It is all about this father who is not very present. He works all the time, and misses the opportunity to start a family. After that, something magical happens as it always does when it is a Christmas movie, and he’s able to see what his life would have been like had he chosen family over his job.. She is so beautiful, she is so sweet. Always cry. I’m a sucker for family things.

McQueen, who spoke to Pop Sugar during a specific visit in November 2019, is also a fan of the popular Macaulay Culkin movie. He said, « Home alone – happy birthday, dirty animals! ». “Just watching all these weird things – I used to do things like that when I was a kid, making barriers on the walls. I had this thing in my room where I was lying on my bed and pulling a string and then a bunch of things would happen and then this piece of chocolate would come from the ceiling all the way to me on my bed, and I would do that open it up and eat it. I used to love things like that. So it was great to watch an intelligent little boy defend his territory.

Brown doesn’t remember watching a lot of vacation movies as a child, but he remembers one movie in particular.. He said during the scheduled visit: « When I got older, Christmas movies weren’t a big deal for me. ». « But there was always a movie showing over Christmas on ABC, and it was Michael Jackson [The Jacksons: An American Dream]. This is my favorite movie. When I’m bored, I’ll watch it. It’s like three hours long for no reason, but it’s dope.

Iwata, who also spoke with POPSUGAR during the scheduled visit, mentioned his favorite flick without hesitation. He told a « Christmas story ». “It’s a classic. (Facts!)

Netflix, Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

World News – Australia – Make the Queue and Cocoa – Dash & Lily’s crew reveal their favorite holiday movies
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