World News – AU – Matera has been reinstated as Argentine rugby captain despite racist tweets


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Posted: 08:32 GMT, 3. December 2020 | Updated: 09:50 GMT, Nov.. December 2020

The Argentine Rugby Union (UAR) has sensationally rejected its decision to withdraw its captain from Pablo Matera after old racist tweets from him – because they consider such measures « unnecessary ». .

Matera lost the skipper’s armband and was suspended on Tuesday after his previous shocking and derogatory posts were revealed on social media, including one talking about running his car over black people.

The Flanker wasn’t the only one to have bigoted and highly offensive social media posts in the past. His teammates Guido Petti and Santiago Socino were also banned for similarly posting xenophobic and offensive tweets.

An example of the offensive tweets that were taken from Matera’s Twitter account before deletion was shared online on Tuesday morning.

20. October 2011 – The hatred of Bolivians, Paraguayans, etc.. is born of this maid who once lost a hair in her food. ‘

5. Mar. 2012 – ‘The fat woman stares at me hahaha poor fat woman I am not giving up my place, this is not a pregnancy. that does not count. ‘

24. 04, 2012 – ‘Bolivian carries MP3 with iPod headphones. Enough evidence to lock him up for theft and loss. ‘

14. April 2013 – ‘Abs in a thin person are like a fat person. # doesn’t count ‘

However, due to the apologies and good behavior of the players in recent years, the cougars have made an amazing decision to reverse their decision.

« The preventive measures are unnecessary so we have decided to lift the suspension of the three players and relocate the captain to Pablo Matera, » the UAR said in a statement.

‘The disciplinary process is ongoing and the Commission will find a final solution in the next few days. ‘

In the tweets that have since been deleted, Matera spoke of running over black people in his car and belittling Bolivian and Paraguayan domestic workers with racist stereotypes.

Four of his offensive posts were shared online. The first said, “Nice morning to get in the car and run over black people. ‘

‘Abs in a skinny person are like a fat person. # doesn’t count, ”he wrote in one.

In the fourth he wrote: ‘The fat woman stares at me hahaha poor fat woman I am not giving up my place, this is not pregnancy. that does not count. ‘

Others also appeared with a xenophobic tone. One read: “The Bolivian carries MP3 with iPod headphones. sufficient evidence to imprison you for theft and loss. ‘

Another said: “The hatred of Bolivians, Paraguayans, etc.. is born of this maid who once lost a hair in her food. ‘

Petti referred to his domestic servant as « primates » and spoke of « blacks » who stole cell phones and wallets.

Another read: ‘There is a fat woman I have seen every time I go to the gym for 3 years and she stays the same. Stop eating, miss. ‘

Despite the stunning U-turn, the trio were not included in the puma squad for Saturday’s Test against Australia to protect them after having experienced « a lot of hatred » since the posts were discovered, Argentina head coach Mario Ledesma said.

« All I can say about these three good players and great men is that they are great people, » he said.

‘They have suffered a lot this week, their families have suffered a lot this week, and it is really sad to see. Obviously, they acknowledge what they did and they really feel sorry and ashamed of what they did and we all are.

« I can tell that they are not the same people they were when they were 17, 18, » added Ledesma.

‘They are great men, family men, Pablo has a child now, he’s a great leader and example. ‘

Matera recently led Argentina to an historic win over the All Blacks and a draw against Australia

Argentina has had a tumultuous year, including suspensions and a coronavirus-infested development against the Tri Nations, where they stunned New Zealand and drew with Australia before beating the All Blacks 38-0 on Saturday.

Initially, the UAR said that although the posts were several years old and « did not represent the personal integrity the three have shown during their current tenure with the puma, » action needed to be taken.

« The rugby union in Argentina condemns every case of hate speech and considers it unacceptable that anyone who expresses these views represents our country, » the statement said.

Matera, who was the captain of Argentina at the World Cup last year and played rugby for the top 14 team Stade Francais, apologized for his « barbarism ». .

« I feel sorry for everyone who was offended by the barbarity I wrote, » wrote the 27-year-old on Instagram.

At that moment, I could never imagine who I would become. Today I have to take responsibility for what I said nine years ago. ‘

‘I would also like to apologize to my team and family for what my actions are causing them to experience. ‘

The tweets resurfaced after criticism of the late football icon Diego Maradona’s pumas failing to pay proper tribute ahead of Saturday’s loss to New Zealand.

Matera was forced to defend the cougar’s cautious reaction, which fans found unfavorable compared to New Zealand’s poignant drop of a ‘Maradona’ All Blacks jersey before kick-off.

The Argentine rugby said it would ask staff to propose candidates to replace Matera as captain.

In a statement, a remorseful Petti insisted that the messages « do not represent who I am today at all ». . He added, “I made a mistake and I would like to sincerely apologize. ‘

Like Matera, Petti, who recently signed for Bordeaux, is a mainstay of the team with 56 international matches, including two World Cup campaigns.

Socino made his debut last year and has only played four Tests after spending most of his career in England. He played for Hull RFC and Hull Ionians in National League One and Two before joining Newcastle Falcons in 2015.

One of the former Premiership star’s tweets was anti-Semitic. It says, “If you are Jewish you need a cut in your penis and you need to spend a little money. ‘

In 2011, Socino directed a series of tweets to actress Claribel Medina. One included, “We all hate Claribel Medina, don’t we? Black s *** ‘. Others read: « If you give me a shot without a doubt, it will go to Claribel Medina in the head » and « I would shoot Claribel Medina, not kill her. « . A shot. So she suffers. ‘Socino has publicly apologized for its social media posts.

The trio’s incidents caused the Pumas to totter ahead of the Tri Nations clash against the Wallabies this weekend.

It’s the final of a tri-nation series in which Argentina beat New Zealand 25-15, their first win against the All Blacks in 35 years and a draw against Australia.

Sam Cane put down a shirt with Diego Maradona’s name on when the All Blacks paid their respects to the late football legend. But the tribute of the Argentine rugby team has been criticized

Maradona’s shirt was placed on the center line at the start of the All Blacks haka

The New Zealand captain did it in front of a visiting Argentine crew who lined up in front of the haka.

The All Blacks put out a Maradona jersey in front of the Haka. 🙏📺 Watch #ARGvNZL: https: // t. co / srZbAcJls8 📝 Live blog: https: // t. co / 1cyLuGHbaV📱 Match Center: https: // t. co / NqFjmd1aAH image. Twitter. com / hWYfivqa89

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World News – AU – Matera has been reinstated as Argentine rugby captain despite racist tweets
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