World news – AU – Men walk away from the crash landing on the coast


update: A senior paramedic said two men who crashed a light plane in a grassland on the Sunshine Coast were lucky to get away from a wreck

Emergency services were called to a vacant lot next to Aura Boulevard in Baringa shortly after 230 p.m. Thursday

Shane Krupp, chief operating supervisor for the Queensland Ambulance Service, said he understood the plane had an engine problem.

Mr. Krupp said that one of the men was complaining of back pain, so he was taken to Sunshine Coast University Hospital for treatment.

Another man with a minor wound to his hand refused to take him to hospital

A spokeswoman for the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said the plane crashed in an area near Grav Drive in Baringa.


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the community

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Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the challenge now rests with the Palaszczuk government

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World News – Australia – Men keep away from plane crash landing on the coast
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Two injured in a light plane crash in the coast


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