World News – AU – Miley Cyrus is as obsessed with Harry Styles as the rest of us


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« I like fishnet stockings. «  »

It looks like Stevie Nicks isn’t the only singer who has fallen under the spell of Harry Styles. During an interview with UK radio station Heart, Miley Cyrus said she would love to share a life with him and that she was obsessed with his androgynous embrace – and that they could share clothes.

Mark Wright, the host of the show, asked Cyrus if she’d rather kiss her buddy Justin Bieber or Styles. From there, she indulged in a little fantasy and explained all the reasons why she’d chosen the One Direction alum. Not just for a kiss, she said, but for a whole future together.

« Harry, this is easy, » she said. « Justin Bieber, whom I’ve known for far too long, and it’s like family. Harry Styles! He looks really good. Really good. I’m in my fishnet stockings. « 

« And we have very similar tastes, » she continued. « I think sharing a closet, sharing a life – it just makes sense. « 

When Wright offered to set it up, Cyrus said that after the breakup (she broke up with her flame, Cody Simpson, earlier this year) almost everyone she knows tried to set it up.

styles v. Bieber wasn’t the only makeout session Wright suggested, either. After Cyrus settled on styles, Wright asked if she’d rather kiss Dua Lipa, who she’d just collaborated with on the track « Prisoner, » complete with a super-steamy fishnet-filled music video or rapper Cardi B. .

« I’ve already kissed Dua, » she explained. « Maybe Cardi. I like to do things that I’ve never done before, something new. I would kiss Cardi. « 

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World News – AU – Miley Cyrus is as obsessed with Harry Styles as the rest of us
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