World News – AU – Netflix’s Escape from Spiderhead and Pieces of Her filming in Australia


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The Australian screen production sector’s recovery is boosted today with the announcement of two Netflix flagships – a feature film and a series – to be filmed locally for $ 21. 58 million in support from the Morrison Government Site Incentive Program.

Representative Paul Fletcher, Minister of Communications, Cyber ​​Safety and the Arts, said this latest investment will inject about $ 160 million into the economy and create 770 local jobs.

Minister Fletcher said, « These jobs will be in many different fields – from carpenters, lighting technicians and designers to actors, crews and special effects teams. ».

“The global production sector in Australia is known for its hard work and these productions will support hundreds of jobs – from carpenters, lighting technicians and set designers to actors, crews and special effects teams.

Minister Fletcher said: « This is also an exciting opportunity for locals to work alongside local stars, including Chris Hemsworth and Tony Collette, who have elevated Australia to the world stage. ».

Escape from Spiderhead, a Netflix movie featuring Chris Hemsworth, directed by Joseph Kosinski (Top Gun: Maverick, Tron Legacy, and Oblivion) ​​takes place in the near future as two young convicts grapple with Their past is in a facility by a brilliant visionary, who experiments with inmates with psychedelic drugs. Filming will begin on the Gold Coast in November.

Pieces of Her, eight episodes on Netflix starring Emmy Award-winning Tony Collette and Golden Globe, set in a quiet Georgia town where random violent action leads to an unexpected chain of events. Australian Bruna Papandria (Wild, Big Little Lies, The Undoing) is an executive producer on the series. Production will take place at Homebush, in New South Wales, starting in January.

Tony Collett said: “Given the challenges that the film and television industry has faced this year at the global level, I am thrilled that the producers and Netflix have managed to move the Pieces of Her filming site in Australia so that production continues on the right track and this story can be told.. On a personal level, for me, he also brings with him the joy of shooting at home in Australia.

Debra Richards, Director of Production Policy at APAC, told Netflix, “We greatly appreciate the Australian government’s support through the Site Incentive Program, along with the governments of Queensland, New South Wales, and Gold Coast, securing these products that will make significant contributions to Screen Industry and Economy in Australia. We look forward to working with more amazing Australian talent and crew, as well as our award-winning production service companies.

Escape from Spiderhead and Pieces of Her is being supported under the Australian government’s $ 400 million support to the site’s incentive to create a pipeline of international projects while recovering from COVID-19, which will generate tens of thousands of Australian jobs in the screen industry over the seven years Coming

The government recently announced that a new feature film, Blacklight, starring Liam Neeson, will be produced in Victoria thanks to the site’s incentive program.. .

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World News – AU – Netflix’s Escape from Spiderhead and Pieces of Her to film in Australia
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