World News – AU – New labor laws for casual workers to be introduced in parliament


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Posted: 20:26 GMT, 6. December 2020 | Updated: 21:37 GMT, Jan.. December 2020

Casual workers will be the big winners when proposed workplace reforms are presented in Bundestag this week, but the changes could have a big impact on small businesses.

The proposed change in labor relations law is intended to make thousands of working Australians safer.

Employees who have been with the same employer for a year and have been working regular shifts for six months must be offered a permanent position as part of the reforms.

More than half of Australia’s 2nd. 6 million casual workers will benefit from this change, but there may be less flexibility for small business owners who are forced to give open-ended contracts.

Proposed reforms in the workplace offer casual workers more security (pictured is a Melbourne waiter serving guests)

Attorney General and Minister for Industrial Relations Christian Porter hopes the reforms will end the confusion around casual workers.

‘With so many Australians still unemployed or working fewer hours as a result of the pandemic, there is nothing we can do if employers delay hiring decisions due to the ongoing confusion over the legal status of casual workers,’ Porter said.

Legislation will introduce the legal definition of casual employment into the Fair Work Act, which includes the offer of employment without a firm prior commitment to the work indefinitely and following an agreed pattern of work.

The proposed reforms are good news for casual workers who have been with the same employer for a year (pictured, a Sydney nail technician with a client)

« Our definition of casual work is likely to be broader than some business groups would like, » Porter said.

‘Unions are likely to say we should have taken the definition a little further, which suggests to me that we have struck the right balance on this issue and have achieved a fair and equitable outcome, which will benefit both workers and employers benefits. ‘

The legislation aims to address the so-called « double-dipping » problem, which currently employers may have to pay for both sick leave and other leave, as well as the 25% incidental burden to compensate for these benefits.

Attorney General and Labor Relations Minister Christian Porter will present the proposed reforms in the Bundestag this week (pictured is a school cleaner in Melbourne)

The government will ensure employers do not have to pay employee claims twice by ensuring that a court deducts any identifiable incidental charge paid to compensate the worker for the lack of one or more claims.

‘These are significant reforms that together will solve the problem of insecurity, provide better opportunities for job security, remove the burden of double immersion, and recognize employee choice. Said Mr. Porter.

An official definition of a « casual worker » is given in the Fair Work Act under the proposed changes (pictured is a sidewalk cafe worker in Melbourne)

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World news – AU – New labor laws for casual workers are to be introduced in parliament


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