World News – AU – No fireworks, small crowds as 2020 comes to an end


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After one of the toughest years in the city’s history, there was not a moment of cathartic release in the form of 14 on New Year’s Eve. 000 kilograms of fireworks explode from the city’s skyscrapers.

Pellegrinis was one of the venues to take over the streets of the city as part of the Street Feasts program. Photo credit: Photo: Tom Cowie

As with a lot of other things, the coronavirus put an end to that, and authorities have done their best to discourage people from congregating on the CBD streets on a day when a worrying cluster captures the excitement of some Clouded people for parties.

The reintroduction of rules such as wearing masks indoors and closing the border with NSW were further reminders of the virus on Jan.. January at midnight will not be gone.

People were still trying to make the most of it, however, as some of the city’s backstreets were being turned into temporary outdoor restaurants as part of Melbourne’s Street Feasts initiative.

« It’s fabulous, we got such a surprise when we came down the street, » said Julie Hunt of Strathmore, who dined under the canopy outside Pellegrinis.

Despite the bad news on Thursday, Ms. Hunt said there was a little optimism in the air that things would get better in 2021.

« I don’t think 2020 was the best year we’ve ever had, » she said. « I’m happy to see the end and I’m just looking forward to 2021 – keep my fingers crossed. « 

Pellegrini’s owner, David Malaspina, said the Street Eats initiative was a huge success as the tables were fully booked overnight.

« I have happy people on New Years Eve so it’s been really great so far, » he said

« Most people know that there are no fireworks, it’s a downer. But everyone is happy, everyone is smiling and having a great time. « 

In the rest of the city there were few revelers at the fireworks lookout points in another year.

There were no crowds or eager night owls to come from the beach at St. Kilda had a look at the fireworks. Photo credit: Photo by Tom Cowie

The inner suburbs were also quiet as partiers apparently took advice to stay home or go to a venue.

Seagulls are at St.. Kilda Beach almost more numerous than people. The city’s most famous strip of sand is usually a magnet for picnickers on the last day of the year. Nearby pubs like the Esplanade made a lively trade.

There were just a few people on picnic blankets at Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy North, a place known in the past for hectic parties.

Police and security personnel observed the one large gathering that was allowed in the park in the early evening: a big screen with the Paddington film.

There was a small influx of people onto the city streets around midnight as rows of masked punters meandered along sidewalks in front of nightclubs. The police continued to be well represented, including officers on horseback.

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World News – AU – No fireworks, small crowds as 2020 comes to an end
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