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At the beginning of the new year, I’ve never been so proud of our country. In the face of the greatest challenge Australians have faced since World War II, we have proven once again that we are a nation of people who overcome it.

We are a nation that prevails. We are making our own Australian way through this crisis. A path guided by our enduring principles and values. Together we did so much better than almost any other country in the world.

At the start of the pandemic, I said we always thought we were strong people, but we wanted to find out how strong we really are.

As the generations before us, we found the same indomitable Australian spirit. We found the stuff, the ingenuity and the forbearance. Most of all, we found ourselves in a time of unprecedented isolation.

Sure, we are not perfect. But as a wise nation, we recognize our mistakes and learn from them. We are always ready to try. We try to make sure that our differences of opinion don’t hold us back. And we always strive to do better and be better.

As Prime Minister, I have always had three goals: to keep Australia strong, to keep Australians safe and to keep Australians together.

Of that, the holding together of the Australians underpins everything else. At no point in my life have I seen this more than in the past year. I know this will continue to be the source of our success as we tackle the many challenges that lie ahead.

As a people, we have always been more interested in actions than words. We care more about getting things done.

In the past year, the Australians showed through our actions that we are indeed « one and free », as NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian has suggested.

As NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian suggested, now is the time to recognize Australians as « one and free ». . Photo credit: Dominic Lorrimer

I think now is the time to proclaim in our national anthem what we have lived as a nation, especially over the past year.

As one country, we bring together the heritage of more than 300 national ancestors and languages ​​to plan our own unique Australian trip. We are the most successful multicultural and immigrant nation in the world. Our national unity is a modern wonder.

In fact, it was our Federation father, Sir Henry Parkes, whose vision for a united Australia understood this when he said, “What we are doing of this great covenant movement is not for us, but for them, for them Unspoken millions who will follow us; until this land of Australia will gather in its breast all the fruits of the world’s culture; and until the flag of freedom is so firmly planted here and guarded with such passionate patriotism that all powers on earth will never attack it. â ????

This unit draws strength from many sources today. From the unique connection, indigenous Australians have come to this land. From the enlightened liberal-democratic nation that was founded 120 years ago today. And of the waves of migration that have shaped Australian history since then.

Peter Dodds McCormick wrote the words « young and free » almost a century before they became part of our national anthem. At that time, the words undoubtedly captured the energetic spirit of freedom that drove Australia towards the nation.

Since then we have also appreciated the timeless spirit of the ancient land we call home and the connection to this place of indigenous peoples who have looked after our land for thousands of years.

Australia as a modern nation may be relatively young, but our country’s history is ancient, as are the stories of the many First Nations people whose administration we rightly recognize and respect.

In a spirit of unity, it is only right that we now acknowledge this and ensure that our national anthem reflects this truth and mutual appreciation.

Changing from « young and free » to « one and free » doesn’t take anything away, but I think it adds a lot.

It recognizes the distance we have traveled as a nation. It reaffirms our determination as a liberal democratic people and as one of the oldest democracies in the world. It honors the foundations on which our nation was built and the aspirations we share for the future.

Given the extraordinary combined efforts of Australians over the past year, now is the time to make the change.

It’s not the first time we’ve made these kinds of changes. It’s been more than 35 years since Prime Minister Bob Hawke made the last change in 1984, and I’ve followed the same process.

At a time when communities are fragmented around the world and identity politics focus on our differences, this change affirms our common national history and destiny.

« One and Free » ???? is and must be the story of every Australian. This is how we really move Australia Fair forward.

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World News – AU – Now is the time to realize that Australia is « One and Free »


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