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Gladys Berejiklian’s New Year’s Eve fireworks is a big « ???? » ?? up yourâ ???? â ???? for the rest of the world suffering from one of the worst pandemics in human history (« ???? » ???? « Stop the fireworks » ???? forever « ???? », 29. December). Rick Johnston, Potts Point

NYE won’t be a cracker night, but a fizzer. Give everyone a free packet of sparklers. All citizens should stand on the driveway or balcony and ignite for 2021. . It should be fine to throw in some old-time Tom Thumbs and Double Happys. Ivan Head, Burradoo

Millions of dollars in fireworks entertainment for those rich enough to live on the harbor. For the rest of us, television is good enough. Hardly what I call an egalitarian society. Geoffrey Anderson, Richmond

Jenna Price’s columns aren’t known for their light-hearted humor, but her recent offerings seem to probe the depths of despair. Recently she suggested that we should get rid of golf? not only from Moore Park, but from the planet â ???? during this week she says we have to part with the fireworks, not just for New Year’s Eve, but forever. I wonder what will be next in their eyes without what we have to live without? Ross MacPherson, Seaforth

The NYE fireworks must surely be based on a specially designed burst that represents the coronavirus. Tom Lockley, Pyrmont

Innovation and imagination have so far given birth to mankind, qualities that are obviously lacking in current administration. Fireworks in the middle of the worst firing season, fireworks during a pandemic. Fireworks as the world grapples with climate change, all because no one else could find better ways to celebrate the New Year. The annual fireworks display does not work. It’s a lazy luxury that we can no longer afford and politicians must come up with better ideas. Dorin Suciu, Eleebana

On New Year’s Eve, many of the people are usually in the « green zone ». will now be in the « yellow zone » in smaller clusters. . It won’t be a minute for this cunning, lurking virus to fix this problem. Fortunately, those who book in restaurants and hotels are protected by their permission. Megan Brock, Summer Hill

The door to the lollypop is open, but we don’t want you to go in there because it’s not good for your health. You can see the lollipops on TV. Neil Reckord, Armidale

Jenna Price’s comment is illogical as COVID prevention in the fish market has nothing to do with a permanent end to the fireworks in Sydney. These fireworks put Sydney and Australia on the tourist map at a tiny annual cost of $ 6 million. They are made by Foti Fireworks, a west Sydney company that did such a great job in NYE and the 2000 Olympics that Foti is now used in most Olympics worldwide. Without the fireworks (and other attractions), Sydney would be as unknown as cities like Antananarivo and Yaounde. both capitals of countries with populations similar to Australia. Peter Pitt, Potts Point

Your correspondent claims that Scott Morrison, who wears a footscarf, has it on the level of normal people. (Letters, 29. December). It’s an insult to common people like me. If he were fair, the JobSeeker payment would be permanently upgraded to a standard of living and he would drop the platitudes and clichés. Where are the initiatives to tackle the urgency of climate change and unemployment? How good is australia It is the people, it is the environment, but politicians without integrity, honesty or plans fail us all. Bea Hodgson, Gerringong

An idea or plan is what usually drives a great speech. In the absence of such a thing for the Prime Minister and his team, there is no prospect of a good speech in the wind and we have certainly not heard of them. I don’t know about anyone else, but I wish our Prime Minister would roll off his foot scarf and let someone with drive and energy come to the fore. Stewart Copper, Maroubra

Who needs inspirational speeches when all of the ballot box success is all about putting on a footscarf and cheering on the sharks? Down here in the gong, miles from the elite downtown, we call it a fool. Max Fischer, Wollongong

Paul Keating and Gough Whitlam were mentioned as memorable speakers, but who can forget Julia Gillard and her misogyny speech? One of the best. Robyn Lewis, Raglan

If, as Marshall McLuhan hypothesized, the medium is the message, then on commercial television Scott Morrison is just a 30-second soundbite sandwiched between ads for fried chicken and discounted bathroom facilities. John Bailey, Canterbury

Your correspondent suggests that the education system is responsible for the general decline in the speaking skills of our current group of politicians. I can assure her that during my 35 year career as an English, history and acting teacher, practicing and assessing speaking skills has played a regular and important role in a student’s education. In the humanities in particular, students are encouraged to ask questions and verbalize their ideas and perceptions in order to demonstrate their understanding and processing of the subject material. All students must also participate independently. This pedagogy helps develop the confidence to express one’s opinion. If today’s politicians lack rhetoric, it is their own cause and the fear of not wanting to stray too far from their own party line and agenda. Robert Hickey, Green Dot

Why are royal commissions seen as the solution to all of our ailments? (« ???? » ???? Leaders Call for Royal Commission on Pandemic « ???? », Jan.. December). They cost millions, last years, and very rarely result in genuine adherence to the hundreds of recommendations that are made. Surely, our money and energies should be focused on making sure our systems are managing current events rather than forensically analyzing the past and assigning blame. Lorraine Hickey, green dot

The warnings from epidemiologists about this pandemic, ignored by politicians, are an elephant in the room that needs to be highlighted by a royal commission. The federal and state health authorities had been warned by the various national advisory bodies that the swine flu and avian flu pandemics would eventually be followed by a respiratory virus from bats. Governments chose to devalue vaccine research and ignore the public health implications, and they did not plan to plan the apparent bleeding. The continued rejection of warnings about climate change and preparing for disaster is a similar and bloody obvious problem that is leading us into a much worse disaster. Our politicians need a royal commission so they can focus on the bigger picture. Barry Laing, Castle Cove

The coronavirus pandemic is the most important event in our lives, we must learn from it. Our failure to prepare, as requested by WHO, has resulted in many preventable deaths and incredible suffering along with unprecedented economic devastation. After ignoring the advice on preparing for an impending pandemic, our government publicly called for an investigation into the origins of COVID-19. It shows politicians ???? extraordinary â ???? â ???? Pivotâ ???? â ???? Ability when we need concrete recommendations on actions that need to be taken to prepare for the next pandemic, not political change. Alberto Bizcarra, Rozelle

The spate of letters in the Herald supporting the wearing of masks and criticizing the Premier for refusing gives us an insight into her personality. While it is praiseworthy for an individual to remain true to one’s belief despite criticism, it is not a question of moral virtue, but a question of science. It is impossible for the Prime Minister to say that she is following science. Instead, she shows a level of intransigence that is sure to be more of a character flaw than a strength. David MacKintosh, Berkeley Vale

Your correspondent (letters, 29. December) asks why there are still backpackers in Australia. Many backpackers were careful not to leave Australia, but instead traveled around the country in their vans to stay in the city’s hostels and meet at the usual beach on Christmas Day. No change in routine, just less. Suzanne Wicks, Potts Point

Approximately 1,500 crew members, some of whom have been at sea for two years, remain pending due to Australia’s trade problem with China. According to reports and understandably, some of them are suicidal. They want to go back to their families. Shipowners are ready to change crew members, but China is apparently blocking it. For those complaining about the recent restrictions placed on northern beaches, including the Mayor, please get a perspective. Tony Moo, North Sydney

Anyone who feels a warm glow about how Australians have shown compassion and generosity in dealing with the virus will dispel it by being reminded of welfare cuts (looming cut of $ 50 per week) to hit millions ???? â ????, 29. December). Starting with the New Year, people are expected to live on $ 150 every two weeks. The Minister of Social Services says that all further decisions will be made « by the end of March ». . Has anyone decided that these people (15th. 4 percent in Fairfield) are voluntary in this situation? Should the Prime Minister have another sculpture made for his office? Representing taking money from people in need (« ???? » ???? I stopped mass ???? « ????)? Judy Sherrington, Kensington

I suspect that the many recent letters to the editor urging Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton to release the Biloela refugee family from Christmas Island are a waste of time as it is likely that hardly anyone in the government is from the by upstairs down even spends a nanosecond thinking about them. Lorna Denham, Cardiff Heights

I too share my condolences for the family imprisoned on Christmas Island and the disgust that our government is treating them. However, let’s not forget the millions of refugees who are trapped in poor conditions in refugee camps around the world. (« ???? » ???? Migrants abandoned in frozen camp ???? « ????, 28. December). We have to worry about their plight and put pressure on the federal government to increase our refugee reception. Therese Schier, Casino

After the completion of the mega-prison south of Grafton, why is the government planning another complex (would « prison » kill the camellias?)? 29. December)? Sydney was founded by convicts who worked for the community, most of whom became good citizens. Using prisoners in community services rather than prisons may be a better solution and won’t destroy any other suburban area. Brian McDonald, Willoughby

When it comes to Silas Marner, I recommend a try (Letters, 29. December). When I was 15, I was intrigued within two pages and never forgot how much joy I had in the story of the gradual thawing of a misjudged and embittered man through the love of a child. Anne Ring, Coogee

Silas Marner is a bit slow, but the most painfully boring book award has to go to Virginia Woolf’s A Room Of One. Marianne Artis, West Bathurst

May I correct the speakers who say that « ???? » ???? the proof is in the pudding ???? « ????. The age-old expression is: « ???? » ???? The proof of the pudding is in the food. â ???? â ???? George Hayes, Russell Lea

I grabbed the second blanket last night. I don’t want to go back to the intense heat and smoke from last year, but a bit of summer warmth would be nice. Michael Walsh, Croydon

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World News – AU – NYE Fireworks only ignite anger when a pandemic roams around


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