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Before we know, the Philadelphia Eagles will turn their attention to the NFL draft. This season hasn’t been what we expected and aside from one unforeseen playoff appearance, the Eagles will have a high draft pick.

There are needs everywhere on both sides of the ball as previous draft selections have not gone as we hoped. With an aging, expensive roster, it’s imperative that the draft be removed from the park for next year.

To find the best prospect, there is no better place than the upcoming college football championship weekend. Conference masters are crowned and elite talent is exhibited on Saturday. One of the major games is played between Ohio State and Northwestern to crown a Big 10 champion.

If the Philadelphia Eagles are looking to bring in young talent, they will be preparing for this game. That brings you three players from the state of Ohio and Northwestern the Eagles to watch on Saturday.

It seems like the Eagles have been trying for so long to hit wide receiver picks in the NFL Draft. It is only right that we start this with a broad recipient goal.

Ohio State’s Chris Olave will be another example of the NFL’s Buckeyes being a great receiver talent. After waiting for his turn behind former Buckeye and current Washington receiver Terry McLaurin, Olave kicked off its second season. With a new quarterback in Justin Fields, Olave had a great sophomore year 2019 with 840 yards and 12 touchdowns in the season. While a cut season has dampened his stats for this season, the talent hasn’t gone away at all.

Olave has the ability to get deep and behind an enemy defense on a regular basis and just seems to always be open. He is very fluid on his routes and has good control when aiming for a pass. He’s not the biggest recipient and may need to put on a bit of weight to consistently score hits in the NFL, but no matter his size, he will make an instant impact.

The state of Ohio has produced great recipient talent who have left the first round in the past few years. Michael Thomas was a second round election, and McLaurin went a round later in election 76. There is great confidence that Olave will follow the same path as her in the NFL.

Olave is likely to hear his name in the second round of the NFL draft, but don’t be surprised if he makes his way to the first round. Regardless of whether it is a late first or early second selection, the Eagles should do their homework on the Buckeyes’ best receiver.

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World News – AU – Philadelphia Eagles: Players featured in the Big 10 Championship game
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Philadelphia Eagles: Players to watch in the Big 10 Championship game


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