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RENO, Nev. (Colo) – November. 19, 2:37 AM. M. An investigation by Renault Fire Department determined that the Pinehaven fire began on Tuesday around 1 a.m.. M. South of Bainhaven Road and Sierra Pine Drive, the fire department said Thursday afternoon.

Asks if anyone has seen any activity in that area between noon, around 1am. M to call them at 775-334-2300.

“Our team is now analyzing the evidence gathered and interviewing witnesses,” said Tray Palmer, Fire Marshal at Renault’s Fire Department.. “It may take up to a week before we can issue a conclusion, but at this time there is no evidence of malicious intent..

The Pinehaven fire is still held at 90 percent. All roads have reopened and electricity is fully back on.

Renault Fire Department said 11 engines and one hand crew will remain at the scene to get rid of the fire and their patrols.

November. 18, 5:50 p. M. The Renault Fire Department reported Wednesday that the Bainhaven fire burned 512 acres and destroyed five homes.

Updated Wednesday 1:45 am. M. Some roads have reopened in the Bainhaven fire-affected area.

The Washoe County School District also reported Wednesday that Collin Ranch Elementary School, Swoop Middle School, and Reno High School will reopen to students and staff on Thursday November 19 on a regular school day..

Updated Wednesday 12:45 AM. M. At a virtual press conference Wednesday, officials said they hope the Pinehaven fire will be fully contained by Friday 20 November 2020.. .

The fire destroyed five homes and damaged 15 others. The owners of the affected houses are welcome to contact the City of Reno Building Administration.

Officials said the cause of the fire is still under investigation and may not be determined for a few days.

For homeowners and evacuees who need immediate assistance, you can call 1-800-REDCROSS (1-800-73327677). The Red Cross has also opened a recovery center at Collin Ranch Primary School.

Update Wednesday 11:30 a.m.. M. Renault Police returned the reopening of roads to 2 am. M. Wednesday.

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve will provide an update on the fire at 12:30 PM. M. She will be joined by Renault Fire Chief Dave Cochran and Renault Police Chief Jason Soto.

Reno Fire chief Dave Cochran said crews would continue purging operations throughout the day. He said there were few hotspots in the heavy fuel canyons. He urged anyone seeing any other major fire activity or additional structural fires to contact the authorities immediately.

Residents are not allowed into the burning area, but President Cochran said some residents are allowed to walk to other affected neighborhoods.

President Cochran said two firefighters were injured while putting out the blaze on Tuesday. They were treated and released.

President Cochran said the weather helped a lot in fighting the fires, and the rain and the added humidity helped tame the fire behavior.

Updated Tuesday 8:20 AM. M. Governor Steve Sisolak declared a state of emergency in response to the Bainhaven Fire. The governor’s announcement follows similar statements from Reno City and Washoe County.

The declaration ensures that resources at the local, state, and federal levels are available to help when needed during this emergency.

“I would like to thank all first responders, local government agencies, and nonprofits that have already stepped in to help the community during this emergency event,” said Gov. Sisolac. “It really reflects the spirit of Battle Born in Nevada and our commitment to caring for each other in times of need.

Updated Tuesday 7:25 AM. M. The Washoe County School District announced Tuesday evening that classes at Collin Ranch Elementary School, Swoop Middle School and Reno High School on Wednesday, November 18, will be canceled due to the Bainhaven Fire..

The school buildings will be closed and no classes will be held either online or in person.

Updated Tuesday 7:15 AM. M. #PinehavenFire forward is halted, according to Reno Fire Department chief David Cochran. This is expected to be the case as long as the weather does not increase.

Cochran said that at least ten homes and outbuildings were damaged or destroyed. He could not confirm the cause of the fire.

Updated Tuesday 6:40 am. M. The city of Reno provides resources for evacuees forced from their homes due to the Pinehaven fire, including information on hotels offering discounted rates and where residents infected with the new coronavirus can go.

Reno Direct after-hours service has been activated. Residents can call 775-334-INFO for assistance with the Pinehaven Fire.

Twenty Strike Teams, including the California Fire Response, are deployed to assist the Renault Fire Department.

Updated Tuesday 6:05 AM. M. Commander David Cochran of the Renault Fire Department updated the evacuation perimeter and said it is from Cashel and Collin Parkway in the west to Lakeside Drive in the east and Ridgeview Drive in the south.

Updated Tuesday 5:30 AM. M. Pinehaven Fire has grown to 1,700 acres, according to Sierra Front.

Update! Below is a current map of fire boundaries and affected areas. RenoFireDeptRenoPoliceNHPN NorthernCommWashoeSheriff and additional area resources. Please continue to avoid the area pic. Twitter. com / pkuaTRflN8

President Jason Soto said, « There will be a heavy police presence inside the affected neighborhoods to monitor the safety and security of homes during displacement..

Updated Tuesday 4:40 AM. M. The Renault Fire Department said there is no estimate when residents will be allowed to return to the area.

In a media briefing, Reno Fire chief Dave Cochran said the fire grew to between 1,000 and 1,500 acres. It is believed to have originated in the Bainhaven Court area.

Updated Tuesday 4:26 AM. M. Renault Mayor Hillary Chevy has signed an emergency declaration regarding the fire, now called Pinehaven Fire. On Twitter, she urged people to stay out of the area and not watch until firefighting teams could reach the flames..

Updated Tuesday 4:20 AM. M. The Washoe County School District says students at Collin Ranch Elementary School have been taken to the Reno High School auditorium due to the fire..

Connect Ed messages are sent to parents via email and phone calls, but due to high winds, some parents may not receive the call.

Students must arrive no later than 4:30 pm. District said, please wear a face covering and bring your ID to take your kids to the RHS gym.

Updated Tuesday 3:40 AM. M. NV Energy is deactivating power at the Caughlin Ranch due to safety reasons due to Pineview Fire.

Gov. Steve Sisolak posted to Twitter: My office is actively monitoring Coleen Farm fire. Please continue to follow the advice and recommendations of local officials on the ground.

Updated Tuesday 3 am. M. An evacuation shelter has been established in Washoe County Center at 1155 E 9th Street.

The Reno Police Department said the fire across McCarran Street is affecting neighborhoods on Cashel Boulevard and Skyline.

Additional evictions have been called for Ridgeview (BellaSierra Court and Vista View) east of this site, southeast of Manzanita and around Lake Stanley.

At least one house has burned down, and bonfires have grown to at least 250 acres.

Original story: The Reno Police Department helps evacuate residents as a fire breaks out near Collin’s farm.

Pineview Fire reported after 1 am. M. Tuesday 17 November 2020 at Bainhaven Road and Sierra Pine Drive.

According to NDOT, both directions to McCarran Street near Caughlin Parkway have been closed due to the fire.

A Brush Fire started near Pinehaven over Caughlin Ranch, threatening structures. Avoid the area and prepare to evacuate. Pic. Twitter. com / ZqyI8us8MZ

Reno, Nevada, Wildfire, Pinehaven Road

World News – AU – Pinehaven Fire: Investigators are looking for witnesses
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