World News – AU – Qatar key partner in peace building in Afghanistan: US Secretary of State


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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised the development of Qatar-American relations over the past four years and praised Qatar’s important role in building peace in Afghanistan.

In an interview with Al-Raya newspaper on the sidelines of his visit to Doha on Saturday, Pompeo said he was keen to visit Doha during his tour of the region to meet HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani and HE Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani. He added that they had held important meetings, pointing out that relations had developed significantly over the past four years and this was important for both the Qatari and American people.
Regarding the Gulf Crisis, Pompeo expressed his hope for a solution, saying that they had worked hard in all parts of the region to create more prosperity and peace and that this could be seen in the work he was doing for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan and in other parts of the Middle East, stressing that they were working to strengthen, deepen and improve relations.
Regarding the opening of the airspace between Qatar and the blockade countries, the U.S. Secretary of State said he would leave it to those countries to explain that these are sovereign decisions that they should make, but he encouraged all parties to find common ground and to ensure the ability of aircraft to fly between them and in their airspace.
Regarding the strategic partnership between Qatar and the United States in combating terrorism, Pompeo said the US must oblige every country to stop providing resources to extremists wherever they are, stressing the importance of it is that each country bears responsibility and the resources are guaranteed will not support extremism in any way, adding that they accept the facts for what they are and strive to change the behavior of the government so that they are in people’s lives the region can improve.
Regarding the Afghan dialogue in Doha, the US Secretary of State said that it was a complicated process and that these things always take some time. The main US goals were to go there and destroy al-Qaeda. There are fewer than a few hundred members in the country today, indicating that they have turned their attention to peace and reconciliation between the Afghan people by ensuring that no terrorist is present.The attack is always launched from Afghan soil , then his country will cut costs and his soldiers there. He stressed that they have made real progress on each of these points. Regarding the negotiations, the Afghan has started the negotiation process and the procedures took several months, but they have now agreed on a set of rules and procedures for the negotiations, he said, expressing hope that they will be in the coming weeks will make significant progress. He added that they urged both sides to reduce the level of violence.
Stressing that the Qatar government has been a wonderful and important partner in helping the US not only by directing these negotiations and talks, but also in a constructive way, Pompeo added that ultimately doing so increases the chances of success.
Commenting on the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, the US Secretary of State said it was the right course of action to keep the promises they made, adding that they had been monitoring conditions on the ground. He stated that focusing on the number of troops is one thing among many other things that they do, and they believe they still have the tools to meet the two commitments made by President Trump.
In response to a question about US presidential election results and the transfer of power, Pompeo expressed confidence that the transition will go well, adding that the world needs to know that America will go through the electoral process. . and every single vote is counted and legal procedures are followed as always. He stressed his confidence in the American Constitution and American institutions, adding that everything was fine.

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World News – AU – Qatar important partner for peace building in Afghanistan: US Secretary of State



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