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World News – AU – RCB vs DC Live Score, IPL 2020 game today: Rabada, Stoinis star in Delhi Capitals’ emphatic 59 point win over Royal Challengers Bangalore

IPL 2020 Live Cricket Score, RCB vs DC: Versatile player Marcus Stoinis hit half a century undefeated and quick pitcher Kagiso Rabada picked up four wickets to help Delhi capitals register 59-point victory over Royal Challengers Bangalore in Game 19 of Indian Premier League 2020

IPL 2020 Live Cricket Score, RCB vs DC: Versatile player Marcus Stoinis hit half a century undefeated and quick pitcher Kagiso Rabada picked up four wickets to help Delhi capitals register victory 59 points against the Royal Challengers Bangalore in Game 19 of

IPL 2020 Live Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Delhi Capitals (DC): Delhi Capitals beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 59 points to climb to the top of the IPL points table Kagiso Rabada came out star with the ball picking up 4/24 including key wicket from Virat Kohli In their pursuit RCB was reduced to 43/3 with Devdutt Padikkal, Aaron Finch and AB de Villiers sacked in quick succession and although skipper Kohli tried, his 43 balls couldn’t do much Anrich Nortje and Axar Patel grabbed two wickets apiece, while R Ashwin had one wicket to show for his efforts After Kohli won the toss and elected to the field, the Capitals posted 196/4 against RCB on the back half-century undefeated Marcus Stoinis and with contributions from Prithvi Shaw (42), Shikhar Dhawan (32) and Rishabh Pant (37) After Shaw and Dhawan added 68 points for the opening wicket, RCB fought back with three keystrokes in quick succession But an 89-partnership between Stoinis and Pant increased DC’s scoring rate in death and took them to a high total.

A complete victory at the end for Delhi Capitals, who beat the Royal Challengers Bangalore by 59 points The victory secures the top spot in the IPL 2020 points table They were clinical with both the bat and the bullet, and after Marcus Stoinis’ explosive half-century and Prithvi Shaw’s early assaults propelled the Delhi Capitals nearly 200, Kagiso Rabada picked up four wickets to derail RCB’s pursuit Well done, DC!

Nortje cleans up Mohammed Siraj, final on Delhi Capitals remains on the verge of their biggest win this season in terms of races

Well it wasn’t really a hat-trick for Rabada but KG takes his man away on the next ball Udana throws the ball to Shreyas Iyer and with that it’s a four-wicket transport for the fast bowler from ‘South Africa He picked up 22 wickets for the capitals of Delhi last season and clearly started off steam in IPL 2020 The Good Fate Comes to an End RCB 121/8

Full and straight and stumps are everywhere Shivam Dube makes a treble at the South African rapid

In R Ashwin’s first match against RCB, the off-spinner had a clear chance of firing Aaron Finch using the technique Finch was clearly out of his turf as Ashwin was in his run But instead of cutting the bails, Ashwin stopped and gave Finch a warning to get back into the fold DC head coach Ricky Ponting was seen smiling in the dugout

RCB’s hopes have been sorely dashed with Virat Kohli’s wicket If you’ve missed out on what has happened so far in the RCB rounds, you’ll be overwhelmed

Leaves no room for the batsman and Sundar shoots the ball straight towards Ashwin in the middle of the wicket After playing two fours earlier in the overs, Rabada sets up the perfect comeback to bring his man and push the Delhi capitals close to victory

Well, hello! Wait, Washington Sundar and Shivam Dube aren’t throwing in the towel yet At least that’s what Dube’s flat hit six and some limits by Sundar off Rabada suggest

The 100 is coming for RCB, but you have to believe it, the rating rate is mediocre Even if that is not entirely out of the question, the question remains: Can Dube and Sundar pull a rabbit out of the hat?

Big ticket office! Big, big wicket here for Delhi capitals Virat Kohli inside Kagiso Rabada bullet edges at Rishabh Pant Asking rate pressure hits Master of the Chase RCB 5 down to 94 Is it the death knell of this game for RCB?

Here he is Straight out of the middle Kohli gets high as he hits Harshal Patel on the floor Sundar joins him, breaking a limit on his first ball Could it be the over that opens the doors to RCB? 16 coming off the top RCB 91/4 Seven overs to the left and still more than 100 points to pursue

He walks the longest part of the border but Moeen Ali finds Shimron Hetmyer in the depths RCB loses his 4th wicket for 75 Who’s Next? Washington Sundar He must support Kohli

11 overs left, RCB 70/3 That’s it for them 12th must be at least 20 times Required rate is almost 15 Kohli is definitely a great hunter, but Capitals give ratings They produce gold dust keeping Kohli and Moeen Ali silent Kohli hits less than 100

10 overs have gone and RCB hit 63/3 I don’t think RCB can afford to have much more The required execution speed has increased to over 135 and above This will take special effort from the even leaves Virat Kohli to hunt this one Master of the hunt, he is called We bet that his mind puts each equation into calculation

The Delhi Capitals were 78/1 at the end of the 9th, while the Royal Challengers Bangalore are behind by a bit – 61 to 3

A battle that has flown under the radar to be honest R Ashwin has yet to dismiss Virat Kohli in the IPL Kohli has won the battle so far, but can Ashwin deal RCB with the blow that he would hate to receive now? Nine overs left, RCB 61/3, need 136 balls out of 66

Three wickets and the charming life of Aaron Finch here is everything that happened in the first five overs of the Royal Challengers Bangalore rounds

Moeen Ali starts his innings with a positive blow, a sweep for an RCB limit hits 54/3 after eight overs as demanded rate climbs to over 11 years over Everywhere in Virat Kohli

Big blow for RCB! Anrich Nortje gets AB from Villiers, who skis a top edge for Shikhar Dhawan to take the RCB three catch down for 43 after DC’s Super Things Powerplay

AB de Villiers, your beauty! Has he even retired? The man doesn’t seem to have lost a beat Marks some quick limits Meanwhile, Virat Kohli almost ran out on the non-attacking side A bit of miscommunication and Kohli, who is almost halfway through the wickets, struggles to come back A direct hit would have had it there

And with a stroke towards the limit of the thin leg, Virat Kohli reached 10, which he needed to pass 9,000 T20 cricket races Becomes the first Indian batsman to make it What man, what player The best batsman in our generation

GONE! RCB 27/2 as Axar Patel takes Aaron Finch behind Finch’s luck, which gave him three lifelines, eventually ran out Goes for 13 Offers to play defense forward but the ball takes a slight advantage over Rishabh Pant gloves

Wow! What a way to start Leans into the angle of the ball and he sculpts the ball for a limit Virat Kohli is missing

R Ashwin strikes on his first pass to take out Devdutt Padikkal The young left-hander did a lift to the side of the leg but didn’t timed too well The right hand comes off as he plays the shorts and c he is again this man, Stoinis, who achieves a nice RCB 20/1 bass catch in 3 overs

What a lovely life Aaron Finch lives Two drops in a seven ball space This time it’s Shikhar Dhawan dropping a relatively difficult change Finch went there but the ball took the edge and flew to the first slip where a leaping Dhawan fails to pass under him RCB 15/0 after 2

That would settle some serves for the first Australian game. Ball in length and this one is in the fairway of any top notch batsman Slightly short in length and Finch crushes him through the gap to the side exterior

What? Has it happened? Finch casually throws the ball back to Rabada in what is arguably one of the easiest comeback catches of all time Rabada gets his hands on it only to land it RCB 5/0 after 1 overs

And RCB is immediately out of place with a single Padikkal dropping the bat as he and Finch pull off a Rabada following him with a wide to the side of the leg Lost his direction looking to play ball. ‘winger

“At the meeting we discussed that Powerplay is the most important part of IPL It worked Powwerplay was the important part for me and Shikhar to get at least 45-50 so that lower order could go from first ball Stoinis played well It was a good start (What he worked on to become more consistent) Don’t play too many strokes, just play my natural game on the court, just wait the stray balls (Against the spinners) It didn’t come to the bat, it held a little Shikhar bhai told me to wait for the stray balls I think that’s a good total One side is a bigger border, so we can plan They have good drummers « 

Prithvi Shaw started IPL 2020 in a certain style Two half centuries to go with a 23 42 ball today What has changed for the batsman? Ricky Ponting explains

A lot has been going on in the last five rounds of an IPL round and the Delhi Capitals’ rounds were no exception Did you miss what happened during the death of DC innings? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here

Not a bad final at all from Udana After a single and a leg-bye, Shimron Hetmyer connected a six but the left arm came back quickly to give six of the last three Pas 200 overs, but the Delhi capitals would be pleased of the total they put together Fabulous effort from Marcus Stoinis DC would have struggled to achieve that total without his assault

The pants are missing, Siraj hits The batsman turned to the fences to miss putting the bat against the ball Slightly slower and Pant plays 89-year-old partnership is coming to an end, but what a stand it was

/ p>

Incredible shot! The pants come down to one knee and even though it was a full draw heading for his head, the batsman played the swinging across the line, a top edge that flew for six

10 on top, pretty good from RCB’s point of view Now come the last two overs of the sleeves

He was hit in his first spell and he started his third spell with another limit Another slower ball which is well spotted by the batter The pants give it all and gets a limit towards extra cover Udana follows him with two bullets in the block hole

WATCH – Padikkal does a du Plessis On the boundary ropes he kept his balance and @ devdpd07 grabbed a catch book from @ faf1307https: // tco / QC7Wa0yZ8h # Dream11IPL #RCBvDC

He played a strange inning, hitting 14 of 15, but Pant breaks the chains with a six in Saini’s wicket He calls with a border Incredible power, neither Finch nor the other defender coming from a square leg deep can’t access it Three overs left, DC 161/3 What’s the score around here?

And RCB continues to be sloppy They had a chance to chase him away but a little escape from Virat Kohli while retrieving the ball gives him time to come back safe and sound DC must surely watch 200 from now on

Wow! We’re in something special tonight folks Marcus Stoinis is on a roll He pumps a limit from Siraj’s first ball and with that the 50 point stand is on top of just 28 balls Remember the first game of the season for DC and how Stoinis made the difference? Prepare for a potential rehearsal

Oh my God! Will it come back to haunt RCB? Stoinis shot long ago by Yuzvendra Chahal Two fielders emerge and what seems to have caused confusion He hit the ball into the wicket and it’s a sloppy job from RCB DC 134/3 after 15 overs

Saini played the free kick well Full ball, away but Stoinis knelt down and hammered him over the defender to point for a limit

Free kick ahead but expect Stoinis is a little uncomfortable The spotlight hit Stoinis right in the knuckle with his left hand He was played at over 144 km / hour Surely this one is going prick

And gets hit for a six to his liking Drops the ball around the perfect length zone for the batsman to connect And Stoinis connected He brings out the close-ups And what else? The next ball is hit for a limit

Ali drifted a few outside balls, which were The next ball he was in the mark, but just like Stoinis One four to finish the top as DC comes in at 117/3 Six overs left


Poor ball from Moeen Ali, throws to the center of the wicket and muscular man Stoinis pulls the massive shot to send the ball away Much needed for the capitals of Delhi Suit with two singles and some wide

And it took them 124 overs to get there One might assume a bit slower, considering they had hit 50 in five overs But as we mentioned, RCB and their bowlers pulled things off amazingly from the Shaw counter 13 exceeded, DC 102/3

Almost another wicket for RCB as Marcus Stoinis nearly returned the ball to Yuzvendra Chahal The pants sort out some DC nerves by sweeping the next ball for a four-bounce

Devdutt Padikkal, how can you keep him out of action? Shoots a smart catch near the limit He caught the ball but threw it back inside the rope as he passed it Returned to the field in time and recovered safely Iyer goes for 11 DC 90/3

OUT! And it’s a wicket right away Shreyas Iyer walks down the wicket but makes his way to Devdutt Padikkal at the deep midwicket

Everything set for an interesting contest as Indian teammates Rishabh Pant and Yuzvendra Chahal go head-to-head Remember that Pant’s three layoffs this season came out of the spinners’ bowling alley Virat Kohli is aware of this fact, he seems Chahal keeps his pants silent, as only three stand out DC 88/2 after 11

GONE! Shikhar Dhawan makes holes too long He came down from the wicket but didn’t connect the ball as well as he would have liked The previous ball, he crossed the infield but didn’t timing the ball well The stick spun in his hand as he played this shot and Moeen Ali makes an easy catch

And he stops a certain limit, putting his leg in the way of a ball from Shikhar Dhawan The ball hits his boot and ricochets at the long-term defender Goes away, Udana

He has made 28 out of 24 balls but now with Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan is reportedly looking to open his arms He has faced nine point balls so far which is not bad, but for the Capitals keep scoring at this rate, Dhawan must get them out of explosives DC 78/1 after 9 overs

Here’s a quick recap of everything that happened in the game’s first five overs

Four overs for 20 races, Washington Sundar and RCB will be satisfied with this effort Three scoops and three singles in this Capitals 75/1 top after 8

Down the leg and the DC skipper helps himself to a limit first ball Just the kind of delivery you want when you arrive Capitals 72/1 after 7 overs

Oh no! Having played so well, Shaw opts for a draw but Mohammed Siraj gloves at AB de Villiers It will be emptied Siraj is delighted, RCB in heaven What wicket to get Shaw goes for 42 out of 23 balls while the Capitals are one for 68

And almost a wicket for the Delhi capitals as Prithvi Shaw is nearly exhausted He reached halfway through the track to get back in time But no reason to worry for Delhi as Dhawan plunders the next bullet for a border His third sleeve

Powerplay end and Delhi capitals reach 63/0, their best score after six overs in IPL 2020 Shaw scores his fifth four, bringing his limit tally to seven, including two six Sundar whose first two overtakes are gone for 7, gets caught for 10 of her third

And it happened in quick double time, in five hours Dhawan gets his second limit as the Capitals collect 18 points on the first pass of Chaha to reach 53/0 in 5 overs

Prithvi Shaw seems to be in the mood here, takes Chahal for a four and a six in his first on The first was a short ball on the outside, to which Shaw leapt and sent it for four Chahal pulls his back next ball length and Shaw tones her off the floor for a whopping six

Yuzvendra Chahal, the leg spinner, is on the attack from the fifth. Shows the incredible confidence that Kohli has in him to let him play inside Powerplay with only two players outside the circle

The off-spinner continues to play a tight line and length keeping Dhawan and Shaw on his toes First ball from the top, Shaw awkwardly repelled a ball that had bounced off it and even though she grabbed her gloves and left in the air, she was far from de Villiers with her hands below Delhi Capitals 35/0 after 4

Wow! What a success Shaw gives himself room and just slams the ball over the limit The first six innings Gets on his knees and gets the perfect lift Dazzling shot! Delhi Capitals 31/0 after 3 overs

Saini throws it full and Dhawan crushes the ball through the covers He was just talking about how much he likes to play this shot and he can enjoy it early in this round Head start from the capitals Already 4 limits and we are in the third

Washington Sundar continues to keep things tight with his bowling Gives just three singles in his first game as DC goes to 14 without a loss in 2 overs Dhawan and Shaw just a little wary about it Bowling is already changing, Navdeep Saini replaces Udana

After a goodbye leg and a single, Prithvi Shaw signaled his intention to break three fours in the first Udana did not understand his length A short arm pulling towards the square leg, a chip towards the central gate and another pull which crashes to the left of the thin leg limit Delhi Capitals 14/0 after 1

So it’s time to play! Who will take first place with the Indians of Mumbai? Prithvi Shaw and Shikhar Dhawan come out stretching their arms Virat Kohli has an intense conversation with his teammates in the Dhawan clique looking for a big score, Shaw is already two fiftieth in IPL 2020 Checking the first pump Isuru Udana will take first place

With starts of 2, 94, 6 and 56, Delhi Capitals opening pair Prithvi Shaw and Shikhar Dhawan blew hot and cold But with more than 50 partnerships, Dhawan and Shaw will look to continue the good job of their match against Kolkata Knight Riders

The captain of the Delhi capitals says: « New day is a new opportunity for us Hope we can continue on the momentum Every individual takes responsibility »

« We’re going to play first Not Even With the Dew you’re really not out of the game when you beat second Unfortunately Zampa came out Moeen Ali enters Mann misses, Siraj enters I’m glad I brought a contribution I have been playing with these expectations for 7-8 years, nothing new I am very proud to go there and play « 

Axar Patel replaces Amit Mishra, injured in Delhi Capitals Match XI No game for Lamichhane or Ishant

RCB is without Azam Zampa, Moeen Ali replaces him Fast bowler Mohammed Siraj gets a match for Gurkeerat Singh Mann

Sunil Gavaskar makes a valid point He suggests Delhi capitals ditch Shreyas Iyer and give Sandeep Lamichhane a match, making him a similar replacement for injured Mishra

A little less than 15 minutes to go to the draw! Spam us with GIFs to show how excited you are! picTwittercom / aQNfF9a9IV

Kagiso Rabada has fired some of the most dangerous batsmen this season – Andre Russell, KL Rahul, MS Dhoni, Faf du Plessis In the last five RCB vs DC games, Rabada has fired Kohli twice for 24 runs and the South Africa will soon be the captain of the RCB in sight

It’s the battle of two dynamic captains Young lion Shreyas Iyer led the way in the previous game, scoring 88 points in the Delhi Capitals’ strong tally But as Kohli did His unbeaten 73 helped RCB breaks to overtake Rajasthan Royals These two captains have set a tremendous example and neither can be counted Who will have the right to brag tonight?

A perfect victory can only be overcome with an even more perfect speech from Punter 💙 Head Coach @RickyPonting was impressed with the intention of our DC boys in #DCvKKR 👏✨ # Dream11IPL # IPL2020 #YehHaiNayiDilli picTwittercom / 3R1jS5wkB5

Captain Kohli has won 7️⃣3️⃣0️⃣7️⃣% of the games he led against DC DOMINANT 😎 # PlayBold # IPL2020 #WeAreChallengers # Dream11IPL #RCBvDC picTwittercom / X9o4A4ttkN

With Amit Mishra injured, who do you think will replace him in the Capitals XI today? Will Ishant Sharma come back? Or will the Capitals give young stimulator Avesh Khan a game? We will find out Less than an hour before the draw

With three half centuries in four matches, 20-year-old Devdutt Padikkal was the discovery of this year’s IPL He is RCB’s top scorer in IPL 2020 with 174 points Padikkal can he continue his purple capture tonight against the Capitals?

When you’ve been playing cricket for as long as Virat Kohli, the records keep going up In addition to being 10 races from 9,000 T20 races, Kohli needs eight hits on the ropes to finish 200 sixes in the IPL That said, it will take a magnanimous effort to free the rope eight times

With 825 points, Virat Kohli is the top points scorer against DC in IPL His 6,346 average is second best by an IPL batsman against the Capitals, and if even that’s not enough, the RCB captain has hit 8 1950s vs. Delhi Capitals, most by IPL player Clearly Kohli loves attacking Delhi capitals

With two wins in two matches, there may not be too many reasons for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, but against the Delhi Capitals they might be tempted to make a slight change when it comes to the one of the foreign players Click here to read our predicted XI for RCB

Rishabh Pant has scored 274 points in seven games against the Royal Challengers Bangalore, but RCB will be aware that the flamboyant batsmen have been sacked by spinners all three times in the IPL 2020 With Yuzvendra Chahal and Azam Zampa in the ranks of RCB, it will be interesting to see how it performs against the Spin Twins

Meanwhile, as the capitals of Delhi come to terms with Amit Mishra’s injury, Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli is set to achieve a pretty impressive feat Kohli is only 10 races away to become the first Indian batsman to score 9,000 points in T20 cricket Kohli has currently scored 9,880 points over 270 T20 innings As the RCB captain finally gets some points under his belt against the Rajasthan Royals on Saturday, could Kohli make it back even bigger opportunity tonight?

« Delhi Capitals leg player Amit Mishra has been ruled out for the remainder of the current Dream11 Indian Premier League season The 37-year-old suffered a flexor tendon in his ring finger from his bowling hand as he attempted to resume bowling during the Delhi Capitals’ game against the Kolkata Knight Riders in Sharjah on October 3, 2020 Mishra will now see a specialist over the next few days to determine the most appropriate treatment for this unfortunate injury Everyone in the capitals of Delhi wishes him a speedy recovery « 

– Rishabh Pant must complete 4 layoffs to complete 50 wicket keeper layoffs for Delhi capitals in the IPL

– If AB de Villiers manages to complete five takes, he will complete a century in IPL

Doubts remained over Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s injury since he retired from his run and left the field against the Chennai Super Kings Sunrisers Hyderabad captain David Warner looked worried, and now the bad news has arrived Bhuvneshwar suffered a hip injury and was excluded from the 2020 IPL, the second SRH bowler after Mitchell Marsh to see his IPL season cut short

Feel for @MishiAmit One of the biggest #IPLs I loved watching him bowl Maybe at the next IPL which is not that far thankfully

News is coming in earlier that Delhi Capitals leg thrower Amit Mishra will no longer compete in the 2020 Indian Premier League due to a tendon injury Mishra was injured in the bowling arm in the match against Kolkata Knight Riders, where he had only played two overs A team manager said it was serious enough to exclude him from the rest of the 2020 IPL We wish him a speedy recovery!

It was RCB who had the best on DC They lead 3-2 in their last five meetings Safe to say the Capitals made the most of RCB’s poor run last season, but before that RCB had DC number twice in 2018 and the second time they faced each other a year before in 2017

The last time the Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Capitals faced off, it was the Capitals who came out triumphant DC beat RCB by 16 points in last year’s IPL Game 46 Half Centuries by Shikhar Dhawan and Shreyas Iyer had taken the Capitals to 187/5, in response to which RCB had scored 171/7

Well, that may be a bit of a surprise While most of the IPL teams are pretty much neck and neck except for the Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knights matches, the Royal Challengers Bangalore have a good 13-8 record against the Delhi Capitals in the IPL Of the 23 matches played between the two, 21 produced results, one forfeited and another resulting in a tie

Hello everyone and welcome to all of our viewers We and the IPL are back to take away your Monday Blues with a contest that promises to be exciting Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore will take on Shreyas Iyer Si’s Delhi capitals you are a delhi fan this game will put you in hope. Will you be rooted for your favorite Capitals or the opposition skipper, also your own Kohli? Toughie, isn’t it? We’ll bring you whatever happens at Dubai International Stadium The Capitals and RCB are on 6 points each with three wins to their name, and although there isn’t much to differentiate between the two teams on the base in match form, the Capitals are a slot above RCB due to a superior run rate Who is your money on? Stay tuned we’re just getting started


World News – UA – RCB vs DC Live Score, IPL 2020 game today: Rabada, Stoinis, star of emphatic 59 innings victory of Delhi Capitals vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore

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