World News – AU – Richmond Coach Damien Hardwick’s relationship with younger employees


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Posted: 05:07 GMT, 4. January 2021 | Updated: 05:47 GMT, Jan.. January 2021

Coach Damien Hardwick’s relationship with a young employee who has won the AFL Premier League allegedly developed while the couple was locked up in the Queensland hub.

Daily Mail Australia was told that during the Tigers’ time at the Hub, when the Richmond manager was married to Ms. Danielle, he began the taboo relationship with the club’s own sales representative.

Hardwick – a three-time Tigers premier coach – reportedly split up with his wife last month.

Damien Hardwick (pictured with wife Danielle and the AFL Premiership Cup) has led the Tigers to three premierships in four seasons

The AFL world is in shock after Damien Hardwick split from wife Danielle.

Damien Hardwick regularly referred to his wife Danielle as « Mrs. Hardwick ». . The couple is pictured in happier times

Though rumors of the breakup had been swirling around on BigFooty for weeks. com that has become a huge crusher of foot scandals.

On Monday, the website was full of comments on Hardwick’s alleged affair with the younger employee and alleged riot at the tiger camp, particularly with Tiger President Peggy O’Neil.

The Melbourne newspaper « The Sun » rolled out the scandal on Monday afternoon, claiming that « the relationship has shaken the club staff and could affect the playgroup ».

Danielle Hardwick – the mother of Hardwick’s three children – was a popular figure in Tiger circles and was previously recognized as a contributor to the team’s Premier League success.

Your announcement came just days after Collingwood Magpies trainer Nathan Buckley confirmed that he and his wife Tania had split early last year.

Geelong Cats star Gary Rohan and his wife Amie split last year, as did former North Melbourne star Majak Daw and partner Emily McKay, as well as Cats champ Jimmy Bartel and glamorous former wife Nadia.

In 2019, Hardwick announced how he was convinced by his wife to select Marlion Pickett to make his AFL debut in the 2019 Grand Final.

Pickett has since been an integral part of the Tigers lineup with 19 games this season, including a second victorious grand final.

Something in the water: In the recent bitter splits of the AFL’s famous golden couples – when Nathan Buckley and Tania Minnici become the latest high profile couple to split. Pictured on Jan.. September 2017 in Melbourne

« I have to admit she put more pressure on Marlion than anyone, » Hardwick told Channel Nines AFL Footy Show the day after Pickett’s memorable 2019 debut.

‘She has been a great supporter of mine and behind every man there is a great woman and I am very happy. ‘

In 2018, in a pre-game interview with Triple M, Hardwick confessed that he had a few sleepless nights after losing in Perth.

Earlier this season, Hardwick admitted in a press conference that his wife had canceled him because of his « out of line » complaints about Sydney’s defensive tactics.

‘It was wrong. I was probably frustrated and let the situation take over me.

‘I called Horse (Swan’s coach John Longmire) and apologized. It wasn’t okay with me so we had a good chat and moved on pretty quickly. I just worry about what I can control and keep doing that.

‘(Ms. Hardwick) was not particularly happy with the press conference. She attracted me afterwards. That was a good result. ‘

Sad Breakup: Last year another Geelong player made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Fans were stunned when it was reported that Gary Rohan had split from his wife Amie a few months after they were born – and two years after losing one of their twins

When the Herald Sun contacted the club, the Tigers stated that Hardwick was currently in a relationship with a member of the club’s administrative staff.

‘The club has no concerns about this under club policy. In addition, it is a private matter and we ask that you respect your privacy. . ‘it said.

« I’ll be taking a longer hiatus this summer this year, » Hardwick told 3AW in October.

‘It has been pretty busy in 3-4 years and we’ve done a hell of a job and had a lot of success along the way, but sometimes you have to take a step back. ‘

‘I’m very happy to have some great assistants and some of these people will keep going, but the coaching group and the people I have around me do a lot of work and the reality is I’ll put you on the top and manage the guys. ‘

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World News – AU – Richmond coach Damien Hardwick’s relationship with younger employees
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