World News – AU – Royal Caribbean files motion to bring volcanic eruption lawsuits to Australian courts


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Since some of the guests on the White Island volcano excursion are taking legal action against Royal Caribbean for offering the tour, the cruise line has asked the Australian government to negotiate the cases there, not the United States.

A United States couple, Ivy and Paul Reed, filed a lawsuit in Miami after they were badly burned when White Island volcano erupted while they were on a shore excursion there. The Australians Marie and Stephanie Browitt have also filed a lawsuit against the cruise line in the USA.

Royal Caribbean believes the ticket contract for the trip means that courts in New South Wales, Australia will be the only place where disputes over the incident can be heard.

On 9. December 2019, White Island volcano erupted while tourists visited, including some on a shore excursion. In the natural disaster, 22 people were killed and 25 others were injured. Among the dead are Marie Browitt’s husband Paul and daughter Krystal.

Ovation of the Seas visited the port of Tauranga, a coastal town about 90 km from White Island.

On the day of the eruption, some Royal Caribbean guests visited the volcano.

The lawsuit alleges that Royal Caribbean knew, or should have known, that the volcano was dangerous but offered the tour anyway.

The Reeds and Browitts have filed separate lawsuits against Royal Caribbean in the United States seeking compensation for the disaster. The lawsuits will be conducted under Florida laws of unlawful death.

Royal Caribbean claims that both Reeds and Browitts are bound by ticket terms that limit legal action to the courts in New South Wales, and that legal cases filed in the US should not advance.

An Australian Browitt attorney, Peter Gordon, claims the family never received a contract. « 

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World News – AU – Royal Caribbean files motion to bring volcanic eruption lawsuits to Australian courts
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