World News – AU – Royal Caribbean SUES Survivors of White Island Volcano in Australia


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Posted: 09:33 GMT, Dec.. December 2020 | Updated: 09:42 GMT, Jan.. December 2020

Royal Caribbean cruise ships have taken legal action in Australia to prevent victims of the terrible White Island volcano explosion from suffering damage in the United States.

The company was sued in Miami by the Australian family Marie and Stephanie Browitt and the American couple Ivy and Paul Reed for lighting their trip to the volcano green despite warnings of eruptions.

Royal Caribbean had 38 passengers from the Ovation of the Seas cruise ship on a tour of the volcano when it was on Sept.. December 2019 broke out.

Both parties are demanding damages from the Norwegian cruise line, accusing them of failing to keep their passengers safe.

In response, Royal Caribbean is seeking a ruling from the Australian federal court banning the further development of the cases in America.

Royal Caribbean is seeking a decision to ban the development of White Island cases in the US. Pictured: the explosion on Jan.. December 2019

Royal Caribbean was sued in Miami by Marie and Stephanie Browitt (pictured) and Ivy and Paul Reed

The company claims that a clause in the fine print on its tickets for the trip means that only courts in New South Wales can hear cases related to the outbreak.

21 people died and dozens more were injured when the volcano fell on Sept.. Erupted off the coast of Whakatane on New Zealand’s North Island on December 31, 2019.

Forty-seven people were trapped on the island when the volcano blew, sending ash, stones, debris, and 300 ° C of steam into the air at speeds in excess of 100 meters per second.

Marie Browitt’s husband Paul and daughter Krystal were among the victims who both traveled to the location of Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas.

Ivy and Paul Reed (pictured together) were badly burned in the outbreak and are seeking damages by accusing Royal Caribbean of failing to get their passengers to safety

Krystal Browitt (pictured) was a passenger on the Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas and was among the 22 victims of the outbreak.

Six days before the outbreak on Jan.. December, volcanologists raised White Island’s alert to level two. This is the most dangerous level a volcano can classify without erupting.

The Browitt’s have accused Royal Caribbean of playing Russian roulette with the lives of passengers after selling tickets and continuing the day trip.

« This behavior was indecent, out of the bounds of decency, and so inconsiderate that it should not be tolerated in civilized society, » they said, the Guardian reported.

The Browitt case also includes claims under Florida laws for unjustified death on behalf of Paul and Krystal’s estates.

Stephanie Browitt (pictured) was badly burned in the explosion and is wearing compression bandages over her face as she recovers

« We intend to protect and defend the rights of Marie and Stephanie, as well as Paul and Krystal, to prosecute this case in which the wrongdoing took place, » he said.

‘And that wrongdoing happened at Royal Caribbean headquarters, where they ignored any evidence that White Island was ready to break out. ‘

The Reeds claimed Royal Caribbean was ruthless in conducting the tour despite knowing the potential threat of an outbreak.

Both legal cases claim that Royal Caribbean knew of the danger of eruption but continued to tour. Pictured: Marie Browitt and her daughter Krystal, who died in the outbreak

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World news – AU – Survivors of the Royal Caribbean SUES White Island volcano in Australia
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