World news – AU – SA has become the only jurisdiction on the planet to discourage electric vehicles with tax


The South Australian government will seize the dubious honor of becoming the only jurisdiction in the world to actively prohibit the purchase of electric cars through tax if it goes through the procedures announced by Treasurer Rob Lucas

“While governments around the world are using all possible means to stimulate the uptake of electric vehicles, South Australia believes everything is wrong,” said Chief Executive Officer of the Electric Vehicle Board, Bhaiad Jafari

“If fuel tax revenues are dropping because South Australian people are burning less foreign oil, then that should be considered a blessing overall. It’s good for air quality, it’s good for the health budget, it’s good for carbon emissions, and it’s great for economic sovereignty. The last thing you do Any sane government would try to apply the brakes in this direction

“It is like responding to a reduction in the tobacco tax by imposing a new tax on nicotine gum

“There is no private bucket of road money. Road costs must be paid out of public revenue just like anything else there is no need for the South Australian government to impose a large new tax on emerging technology that does so much to society”

A recent EY analysis showed that every driver who turns to an electric vehicle offers a subsidy of $ 1,370 to the government coffers and a subsidy of $ 8,763 to the Australian economy.

“Treasury Secretary Rob Lucas described his move as a“ no-brainer ”- remarkably, no other jurisdiction has been reached on this planet.

“Unless every government in the world is missing something clear that Mr. Lucas uniquely understands, the Treasurer may wish to re-examine the reasoning that brought him to this point

“South Australia cannot achieve its net-zero targets using this type of policy approach. Currently the state has less than 1 percent absorption in electric vehicles, and now they want to introduce the world’s first electric vehicle tax

“There is no point in spending $ 18 million on shipping infrastructure if you actively dissuade people from buying vehicles that can use them.

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World News – AU – SA has become the only competent authority on planet Earth to discourage electric vehicles with taxes
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