World news – AU – San Francisco Airport postpones several construction projects


After postponing the Terminal 3 West project, SFO has now announced that it will postpone a raft of additional construction projects as a result of reduced passenger activity and revenue due to COVID-19

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has announced plans to delay additional construction projects as a result of reduced passenger activity and revenue from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Projects to be affected include the final phase of Harvey Milk Terminal 1, which includes the construction of a new check-in lobby area in the North that was originally scheduled for completion in April 2023, and this phase will be delayed for at least six months.

The San Francisco office (SFO) has already completed the first nine gates of Harvey Milk Station 1 in July 2019 and opened nine additional gates and the southern check-in lobby in May 2020.The next phase, which will add seven additional gates and a post-security connection to the international terminal, will continue, with Planned completion date May 2021

SFO will also postpone a portion of the Courtyard 3 Connector project, which consists of pre- and post-security interconnect lanes between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, along with mixed-use office spaces connecting walkways will be completed as originally planned in October 2021, But the internal construction of the office space will be postponed.

The SFO is also postponing, in part or in full, over 20 small projects intended to provide terminal and support facility upgrades

By deferring these projects, SFO will defer nearly $ 550 million in servicing debt generated by the issuance of airport public revenue bonds, which are used to fund construction projects at SFO

In April 2020, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) announced the postponement of the US $ 1 billion Terminal 3 West project by at least six months, which was also a result of reduced passenger activity and revenue from the COVID-19 pandemic in October 2020. , The project was postponed for at least an additional six months.

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World News – AU – San Francisco Airport postpones many construction projects
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