World News – AU – SAS Australia: Australian swimmer Shayna Jack embarks on a « living nightmare »


Australian athlete Shayna Jack determined to clear her name after her swimming career was derailed by a four-year doping ban

Shayna Jack remains determined to fight her career-ending doping ban, claiming she is innocent of any wrongdoing in emotional episode of SAS Australia

Jack was a gold medalist at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and holds the world record in the 4x100m freestyle relay

But as she prepared for the first Olympics, the Australian sporting landscape was rocked by the news that Jack had returned a positive test for the substance Ligandrol in July of last year.

After withdrawing from FINA World Championships under mysterious circumstances, Jack was confirmed to have tested positive for the banned substance

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Ligandrol, also known as LGD 4033, is a black market muscle builder known to improve your appearance without the unwanted side effects of steroid use.

During Monday night’s episode of Channel 7’s SAS Australia, Jack was asked to recount the events leading up to her four-year ban from professional swimming

« A year and a bit ago, I was accused of taking drugs, which I would never, never do

« I was just going to a training camp before the world championships in 2019 They just did a regular drug test It was normal for me to do a drug test so I didn’t didn’t think about it

« Then they called the head coach, and that was it. I was sent home and they banned me from swimming for four years which would be the end of my career

« All my life I have been an honest athlete. The purpose of my swimming was the fact that I could impact someone else’s life and be a role model for them because it is how I fell in love with sport

« I met an Olympian that I admired, and she was so humble and amazing, and I wanted to be like that »

When asked what would happen is that she could never compete professionally again, Jack burst into tears

« This is probably the most difficult question anyone can ask me because I have never thought of anything other than swimming, » said Jack

« I can’t go to my coach, I can’t just go swimming with my team, I can’t go to another sport just for fun

« I just want to be able to start swimming again and love swimming again And sometimes I forget how strong I am, and it touches me a little »

After receiving the opinion of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) of the date of his impending appeal, Jack is eager to restore his public image and save his career

« The one thing that makes me sick the most is that – yes, I’ve dreamed of representing my country at the Olympics since I was 10 years old – but it’s more the fact that I have always done the right thing with my sport and my country, ”said Jack

« I have never felt as much pain and anger as I feel for the fact that I am not in control of what is going on

« I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this, and it’s been a question I’ve been asking myself for nine months: ‘What have I done to deserve this? « 

« Every day of the past year has been a nightmare, but I’m someone who speaks up when it’s not right, and that’s exactly what I intend to do

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« I’m not going to sit down and let people try and blame me for something I didn’t do

« I still have to think about the fact that I still have my swimming career, and I will not stop fighting, and I will erase my name That’s all that matters to me »

In December, Jack spoke about the surprising commonality of the drug Ligandrol, which is a banned substance for professional athletes

The 21-year-old never denied that the drug was found in her system, but instead wondered how it got there. She cited an earlier case, known as « the cocaine kiss ”, to demonstrate the ease of contamination

« There has been a case in the past called the cocaine kiss case someone had taken cocaine and the partner who was an athlete kissed that person and they were contaminated, « Jack told Channel 10’s The Sunday Project.

« I was told that anything I came into contact with during this period could have been a risk of contamination

Jack faced an intense media backlash when her positive result was leaked In June, she was forced to contact Queensland Police after receiving threats and requests for money on social media before her Facebook account from being hacked

« I wasn’t ready for the roller coaster ride that had yet to happen when it came to the media, » Jack said

« I wasn’t watching the news The only reason I knew (about the media leak) was because someone had gone to my Instagram and commented, ‘You are a drug cheat and you should you kill »

« I just lost control of all my emotions, and I haven’t had much control over my emotions since that day »

Jack chose to leave SAS Australia after struggling to complete an intense and arduous task on the beach

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Shayna Jack, Australia

World News – AU – SAS Australia: Australian swimmer Shayna Jack embarks on a « living nightmare »


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