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Fans have praised Nick « Honey Badger » Cummins after he opened up about his dark past in SAS Australia last night.

The 33-year-old rugby union player was sharing some of his most shameful memories in an emotional honesty test, where he said he regrets telling his father, Mark Cummins, of his « F off » when he tried to help him out from « Dark Space ».

“For me, when I was 13 years old, I was having a very difficult time in school. Nick said: Gangs and things . . . Death threats.

“I was trying to deal with it and my old man tried to help me. I was in a dark place and told him to stop F.

« because his brother was killed and stabbed. And I didn’t want him to go through anything like that – but I added more pain to it when I told him so. And it didn’t flog me, which made it worse.

“And now he has terminal cancer. And I think that this attitude led me throughout my career to work harder to try to prove to him that I deserve his love. And I just want to make it happen before it’s too late.

Fans flocked to social media to pay tribute to the Gold Coast star, with one writing: “I really like Honey Badger – I thought he looked like a good guy at The Bachelor, but he’s really shining now..

Someone wrote: « A Honey Badger Really Saves Himself After Participating in a Horrible Bachelor’s Program – Good on Him ».

« I have to say that Honey Badger did a lot of nonsense on The Bachelor – but he was actually just inviting his own feelings and it’s a show set up.. Another said: « On this show he’s showing his true colors and he’s doing a really good job ».

Someone else simply wrote: “Bloody hell, I’d like to have a beer with Honey Badger.

Last week, it was speculated that Nick would make it to the show’s final three recruits.

The Daily Mail reports that comedian Merrick Watts, rugby union player Nick Cummins, and AFLW star Sabrina Frederick are the ones to fight the battle at the end of the show.. .

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World News – AU – SAS Australia: Hanne Badger’s shocking confession about a dark past


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