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The nine recruits left standing in SAS Australia opened up about something to be ashamed of or regret in a team bonding exercise.

Head Coach Ant Middleton put the group together for tonight’s episode and encouraged them to reveal something they had « wished to get rid of ».

“The truth test is about letting us know that you are happy with your concerns and weaknesses,” he said.

“You talk about your skeletons and trust the team . . . Who help support you instead of using it against you.

Comedian Merrick Watts was the first to reveal that he tragically missed the last words his father said to him.. .

“My father was dying of cancer, and I went to visit him, and then I had to take an interstate flight,” he began.

« I got off the plane, got a message on my phone, and started listening to the message from my father, and he said, » My son, I’ve turned and they are taking me to the hospital.. . . I don’t know if I’m panicking or impatient. . . I wanted to talk to him so I just deleted the message.

« It was the last thing my father said to me and I missed it because I was impatient so I don’t know what my father’s last words were to me . . . I found this very difficult.

NFL player Sabrina Frederick revealed that after the family recently separated, she unfairly blamed only her mother. .

“My mom and dad recently broke up and I blamed my mom for the most part that I haven’t spoken to her in months,” she said crying.

« I let that separate my family and it’s something that I still feel sorry for even now and I’m still trying to make up for it..

Retired Olympic swimmer James Magnusson spoke about his role in the infamous « Stilnox Six » incident, as he participated in a « engagement » session that involved taking up a substance that the Australian Olympic Committee had banned.

« In 2012, while we were heading to the London Olympics, I and a few other boys on the swim team spent a night of bonding where we took Stilnox, a sleep prescription, which was banned on the team at the time, » he said.

« Later it appeared in the media and I had to explain to my family and friends what I did and how I failed them.. . . It was probably the lowest point in my life.

Meanwhile, model and former Miss Universe in Australia Irene McConnett hinted at the fact that her mother found some kind of drug in her bag when she was a teenager, while actor Firas Dirani expressed his regret at being separated from his brother after he became more famous.

Coach O’Learton said honesty in the Special Forces is essential because it allows soldiers to let go of their ego and connect on the emotional side with their team.

While she again refused to explicitly name the incident, Iron Woman Candice Warner mentioned her infamous attempt with Sonny Bill Williams..

“A long time ago when I was little, I put myself in a compromising position that I regret,” she said.

“Having to live with that and having to explain to my kids in the future is going to be very difficult, especially when you have three girls..

« I remember sitting on the side of the street and couldn’t stand it anymore and I remember thinking if this is what life is about, then I can’t stand it anymore.

Several viewers expressed their frustration online at Warner with repeated shame over the incident that took place more than a decade ago..

Most of the episode centered on Nick « Honey Badger » Cummins, who was severely injured during exercise and had to make dozens of stitches in his leg.

During his interrogation he also spoke about being one of eight children and how his father’s difficult parenting style affected him.

“I grew up on a strong moral code and a good sense of right and wrong, if I got commanded to do something, and I didn’t do it it was a crack in the parts,” he said.

« Not a punch or anything like that, just a backhand but a well-deserved backhand.

From “If I get a party, I’ll go like a cut snake” to “Sweatin” like a gypsy who has a mortgage, the 33-year-old gave several lines that scratch her head for years.

During his interrogation he came with another crushing device to describe what it was like to be with a family of teenage boys.

“When you drop your balls and get testosterone, there are too many cocks in a chuck pen,” his answer was baffling as to whether or not they fought.

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World News – AU – SAS « one hell of a woman » star
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