World News – AU – Saturday’s $ 30 Million Lotto: The « Hot » Numbers You Need To Know


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The Lotto Megadraw, which produced more millionaires in a single night than any other draw, is set to start the new year off with a bang.

Up to one in three Australians is expected to receive a $ 30 million ticket to Saturday’s Saturday Lotto if they vie for the chance to start with a larger bank account in 2021.

Last year there were 312 Saturday Lotto Division 1 winners across Australia who pocketed more than $ 355 million in prize money. Victorian players enjoyed 103 wins while Queensland had 62 and NSW and the ACT had 58.

Matt Hart vom Lott said he couldn’t wait to see where the Megadraw division wins land this Saturday.

« With the twists and turns in 2020, I’m sure many Aussies have the chance to start the New Year off with a bang and will be eagerly awaiting the Saturday night draw, » Hart said.

While lotto is a game of chance, experts have posted the most frequently drawn numbers for Saturday lotto for the past 35 years.

Mr Hart said the easiest way to verify that your numbers are winners is to register your ticket so The Lott can have a record of your participation and congratulate you if you are a big winner.

“For anyone purchasing an entry, I recommend that you register your entry on a gamer card or online account. This means that in case you hold a winning entry for Division 1, your prize is safe and we can call you back with the amazing news, ”he said.

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World News – AU – $ 30 Million Saturday Lotto: The ‘Hot’ Numbers You Need To Know


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