World News – AU – Second shark attack off Broome in less than three weeks


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A surfer who was attacked by a large shark off Broome, north Washington, less than three weeks after a man was killed on the same beach. thought he had run into his buddy.

Cable Beach in Broome had its second shark attack in less than three weeks. Image: TwitterSource: Delivered

A surfer narrowly escaped during a shark attack in the north of Western Australia. Instead, the predator chewed on his board.

Surf Life Saving WA said Cable Beach in Broome was closed after it was reported that the surfer was hit by an unknown species of shark about 50 meters offshore at 7 a.m. on Wednesday.

Fisheries officials in the popular tourist town were informed of the incident by locals and immediately rushed to the beach.

ABC Kimberley reports the surfer was local youth worker Sam Heseltine, who told the broadcaster he didn’t realize what had happened until he got back on land.

« I started paddling for a wave and felt a large bump under me that was enough to lift me up but not knock me off the board, » he said.

Local musician Will Thomas posted a photo of the surfboard on Facebook before officials took the surfboard and put it on a plane to Perth for further analysis by scientists.

Mr. Thomas says the shark seems to have bitten the surfboard fin. Image: Will Thomas / Facebook Source: Delivered

« This doesn’t look like the bite of an animal three feet long . . . Grateful that Sam is fine, « he wrote.

Based on the distance between the tooth marks, Mr. Thomas suspected that the shark is a juvenile tiger that « has a very square jaw ». .

« The reason (I feel) that the teeth seem so far apart is maybe … the shark had the fin too and could only bite off so far that only small dents with the roof of the mouth hit the fin meet, “he said wrote.

Fisheries officials are patrolling the coast and will continue on Thursday. However, due to the low pressure system approach, it is not possible to conduct water patrols, according to the Ministry of Primary Industry and Regional Development.

The attack comes two and a half weeks after 59-year-old hotel worker Charles Cernobori was killed by a bull shark while bodyboarding about 30 meters from the shore in Cable Beach.

Charles Cernobori was fatally attacked by a bull shark off popular Broome Beach last month. His partner Sandra Howard (left) said she was left heartbroken. Image: Facebook via NCA NewsWireSource: NCA NewsWire

A couple who saw being « beat up » in the water had come over to help the father of three and grandfather of four pull him out of the water and call an ambulance. He received CPR but could not be saved.

While there have been many fatal attacks from white pointers or whites in WA waters, bull shark attacks are rare – although they are an aggressive species.

A young boy was fatally attacked by a bull shark in an estuary in Perth in the 1920s.

Mr Cernobori’s death was even more unusual in that it was the first fatal shark attack in Broome in more than 25 years.

Fisheries Minister Peter Tinley said it was « worrying » to have « two in a place where we haven’t had one in nearly 30 years ». .

Mr Tinley said police and fisheries officials interviewed the man to find out more about what happened.

« It’s a patrolled beach in the most populous area, but it’s a very long beach so a certain area is not patrolled, » he told reporters.

Police shot a shark suspected of lagging behind the fatal attack on Broome’s Cable Beach last month. Image: ABCSource: Delivered

“We will be taking advice from Surf Life Saving, the main beach safety provider, and the local authority responsible for managing the beach.

« Once I get more information, I can make more comments and make decisions from there. « .

After Mr. Cernobori was attacked, police legally shot the bull shark, which stayed in the area for about 30 minutes before swimming away.

When asked if the shark would be hunted in the recent incident, Mr. Tinley said, « This is a very difficult business. « .

« There is no guarantee that if you look for a particular shark, you will find it. Rather, it is about reducing the risk through layered defense, « he said.

Encounters with highly aggressive saltwater crocodiles are more common in the area and there was outrage on social media in January last year when a large one was killed by authorities on Cable Beach after attempts to remove it failed.

Regardless of this, entering the water until the 7th. Banned on January 1st within a 1km radius of Boullanger Island – in close proximity to another popular tourist destination, Jurien Bay – due to a decomposing whale carcass that can cause sharks to approach the coast.

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World News – AU – Second shark attack off Broome in less than three weeks
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