World News – AU – ‘Set It On Fire’: Young Adelaide Family Shocked By Reptile Road Trip Passenger


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A young Adelaide family’s afternoon drive took a terrible turn when a slippery mechanic found its way under their hood.

They were driving through Hindmarsh Tiers, about 55 km south of Adelaide, on Wednesday afternoon when they got the shock of their lives.

A tiny but possibly fatal black snake with a red belly popped its head under the hood in the middle of the trip.

In a Facebook post, Snake Catchers Adelaide said it had required a thorough under the hood search, but the snake was eventually found and taken away.

Ophidiophobic commentators were quick to condemn the vehicle, saying that realistically, the family only had one option after discovering the unwanted passenger.

The rescue organization responded to a number of calls about snake sightings over the past month.

A resident of Angle Vale got a terrible surprise when they opened their garage. An eastern brown slid up the roller shutter.

One slippery buddy decided Saturday’s warm weather was the perfect excuse to take a dip and cool off in a Bellevue Heights pool.

Snake catcher Rolly Burrell said as the weather gets hot, more and more snakes will show up for mating season.

If you have a slippery visitor to your home, Burrell recommends leaving that to the experts.

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World News – AU – ‘Set it on fire’: Young Adelaide family shocked by reptile road trip passenger
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