World News – AU – Several pedestrians met during BLM Midtown protest: NYPD


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A car that was plowed into pedestrians Friday afternoon during a BLM protest against ICE detention in Midtown Manhattan – « throwing people in the air » A horrific incident was videotaped, witnesses and police officers said.

The shocking footage shows the vehicle stopping on 39th Street and Third Avenue just after 4 p.m.. m. with demonstrators in front of the car – seconds before his driver puts it down and plows into the crowd.

A protester rolls onto the hood of the car and into the windshield before falling onto the sidewalk.

« A car was passing through a group of protesters throwing people into the air, » said witness Mark Apolloa in a video of the scene.

« I have seen people hit by a car and fly over it. The windshield is totally cracked, ”he said.

A 52-year-old Queens woman was driving her 29-year-old daughter when the incident occurred, law enforcement officials told the Post.

The driver was stopped by a scooter policeman about a block away after she hit the pedestrians. Apolloa said police arrested two people who were chasing after her.

The unidentified driver told police they were surrounded by protesters illegally marching against the traffic and they had started beating their car.

She stepped on the gas to get away from them and then hit people at the intersection, sources said.

The Black Lives Matter group marched in « solidarity » with those held on ICE prisoners in the Bergen District prison who are currently on hunger strike, according to a social media feed from the demonstration.

The prisoners from Jersey on hunger strike are protesting against the conditions under which they are being held, according to Patch.

After Friday’s protest crash in Manhattan, at least two dozen police officers flooded the intersection and surrounded an injured person who was being treated by EMS. This is evident from a video posted on social media.

At one point the police pulled a person away from the injured pedestrian with a sign and pushed them away – resulting in a stalemate between the police and a group.

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World News – AU – Several pedestrians met during BLM protest in Midtown: NYPD
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