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Sourav Ganguly, former skipper of India and current BCCI president, disagrees with Ian Chappell’s view of banning switch hits as it is unfair for bowlers.

Sourav Ganguly believes the game has gone on so that the popular stroke that requires precise timing, strength and foot movement cannot be taken away from top batsmen.

Sourav Ganguly, a left-handed batsman, said cricket went on and it takes a lot of strength to play a brave punch like a switch slap that also requires timing and movement. Sourav Ganguly said former English player Kevin Pietersen was the first batsman to perfectly play the Switch hit before David Warner and Glenn Maxwell mastered the punch. Sourav Ganguly thinks the shot is good when you can hit it perfectly.

« The game has evolved so I don’t see how we can take this popular stroke away from modern batsmen, » Mid Day quoted Ganguly as saying.

“You need a lot of strength to play such a brave shot. Aside from timing and foot movement, many other things are required to play this stroke. Kevin Pietersen was the first to play this shot. David Warner’s name should also come here. It’s a very good shot if you can hit it well. ”

Ian Chappell wrote for ESPNCricinfo and said that while the shot was an excellent one recently taken by Glenn Maxwell of Indian spinner Kuldeep Yadav, it is not fair to the bowler.

“One of the main roles of a cricket administrator is to establish laws that will ensure an appropriate balance between bat and ball. If the laws or playing conditions unfairly favor one or the other, the game becomes a reduced competition, ”wrote the former player.

The bowler announces in advance whether he is bowling around or over the wicket but the batsman does not announce in advance that he is reversing his stance and grip on the bat, which is unfair to the former Australian.

Former referee Simon Taufel, a revered and respected referee, had previously said that it is impossible to ban counter hits because the referees already have too many things to do on the field. He feels like the umpires are already overworked and the declaration of a dead ball while batsmen switch gears and try to play switch shots adds to their burden.

« Cricket is not a science, it is an art. We’re not perfect, ”the former ICC Elite Panel referee was quoted as saying by the Sydney Morning Herald. .

« When we say we want to ban this type of shot, how does the referee officiate? It is impossible. The referee has a tremendous number of decisions – forefoot, hindfoot, protected area, seeing where a ball is hit – it is impossible to have an officer who then pays attention to the change in grip or posture. It is impossible to ask a standing referee to make this decision. We cannot make a law that we cannot apply. ”

Ian Chappell disagrees with Simon Taufel’s views, however, by saying that the square-leg referee pays great attention to the batsman’s feet when a stump occurs so that he can declare the dead ball in case batsmen hit their feet switch and try this hit game switch.

Chappell devised a way of applying the law, saying, « The square-leg umpire is already paying close attention to the batsman’s feet in the event of a stump so he will notice any change in order. « . If a batsman changes the order of his feet, the square-leg umpire should simply declare the ball dead and no runs will occur. ”

However, Glenn Maxwell believes the Switch hit is within the law and holds the spirit of the game up, and the shot takes a lot of skill and expertise to be executed perfectly.

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World News – AU – Sourav Ganguly On Switch Hit: Cricket Has Moved On
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