World News – AU – SpaceX’s first high-altitude spacecraft test could take place on Tuesday


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We saw some small jumps, but the SpaceX starship is ready to take a much bigger jump. The SN8 prototype is on the launch pad in Boca Chica, TX, and SpaceX has confirmed that its first high-altitude test flight will take place on Tuesday, May 8th. December, could take place. As Elon Musk previously described, the spaceship reached an altitude of up to 15 km during the test. .

A live stream for the event on YouTube is expected to be available at 7 a.m.. However, the actual timing of the test is “dynamic and is likely to change. « In this suborbital test flight, SpaceX will test the aerodynamic capabilities of its vehicle and attempt a ‘landing flip maneuver, » which the company says is the first for a vehicle of this size.

Things have taken a little longer than Elon Musk previously suggested when he said in September 2019 he was hoping for crewed flights within a year, but they are making progress. Stay tuned tomorrow for more timing information.

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World News – AU – SpaceX ‘first spacecraft test at high altitude could take place on Tuesday
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