World News – AU – State entitled to $ 461 million in unclaimed cash


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More than $ 460 million in unclaimed money sits with a state government. Find out if part of it is yours here.

Income NSW has urged citizens to check online to see if they are eligible for a $ 461 million share of unclaimed money. Source: News Regional Media

Nearly $ 500 million in unclaimed money is available, and NSW residents are being asked to see if they are eligible for a share.

Income NSW has announced that the state is entitled to $ 461 million in the division and is ready to be returned to its rightful owners.

Greater Sydney makes up a large percentage of the pool with more than $ 130 million in unclaimed money, at $ 70. 5 million of them from inner-city suburbs.

More than $ 34 million is not from North Sydney, while $ 16 million is from West Sydney and nearly $ 14 million is from South and Southwest Sydney.

Treasury Secretary Damien Tudehope says the unclaimed money would be a nice Christmas bonus. Image: Jonathan NgSource: News Corp Australia

The most common examples where a person is entitled to unclaimed money are refunds and overpayments from the purchase, sale of property, goods, or services. Deposits and premiums, principal and interest, stock dividends, checks that have not been cashed or deposited, and public sector superannuation in NSW.

Just before Christmas, NSW Treasury Secretary Damien Tudehope encouraged people to check online with Revenue NSW.

« Christmas is a time of year when all families can use a little more, » said Tudehope. “COVID-19 has also resulted in many families cutting their budgets. A quick search could help identify money sitting waiting to be claimed by Revenue NSW that could be used this summer vacation.

« This money belongs to the people of NSW, and I want to make sure it goes back to

you. It only takes a few minutes and you could walk away with some extra Christmas bonus in your pocket to spend on loved ones. ”

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World News – AU – State entitled to $ 461 million in unclaimed cash
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