World News – AU – Stream or Avoid: « Ginny Weds Sunny » on Netflix, a Bollywood rom-com that begs us to laugh (and fails)


Stream it or skip it: ‘Ginny Weds Sunny’ on Netflix, a Bollywood romantic comedy that begs us to laugh (and fails)

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New to Netflix is ​​Ginny Weds Sunny, a Bollywood romantic comedy that spends the entirety of its two hours questioning the title. But why would he name it if it wasn’t? Luckily, we’re here to let you know if the movie keeps its title promise, even if it’s ultimately moot Either way, it probably needs a new title – and maybe some more. a new scenario

The Gist: Sunny (Vikrant Massey) is an amazing cook He cooks and cooks and cooks for his family It’s his character trait That, and he’s a little clumsy and light, with big hair, and his father (Rajiv Gupta) owns a hardware store Sunny would love to open a restaurant, but Pappi won’t help him with the start-up money until he gets married Romance is dead Pragmatism is not He has a first date you and like a maniac floats a marriage proposal like a log sailboat in a hurricane cat-4 She’s pretty much the type to know you for a year – you know, a reasonable human being Back to the drawing board for Sunny

We meet Ginny (Yami Gautam) as her « famous matchmaker » mother Shobha (Ayesha Raza) tries to arrange a marriage with an ignorant boast who can’t chew with her mouth shut Ginny flees the interview, and her mother threatens to kill themselves ha ha ha, because it’s so funny when people kill themselves! Ginny stubbornly refuses to marry for any reason other than love She’s also still friends with her ex, Nishant (Suhail Nayyar), and the situation is so confusing that she calls it Confusion – when he’s not around , of course Sunny and Ginny are old classmates; he fell in love with her, and she was out of his league, but now they’re perfectly plucked and trained adults, so maybe they should be done with this now? Either way, they meet at a wedding and as these things unfold, they erupt into an elaborate extravaganza of song and dance with dozens of garishly dressed dancers and accompanying choirs carefully layered and tuned around them in an explosion of color sound and movement

Contrary to common sense, this does not mean that they are in love, or even ready for a date Ginny is hard to break, so Sunny calls on her mom for help, and she’s off to help her track Ginny on the train, at work, and on the streets until she gives in to her whore. charming intrusively, which is a very funny situation and not at all scary! His tirelessly crafted encounters ultimately culminate in a moment where they eat at his favorite place and cut shit and talk like real people talk, or as close to real people as this movie can, anyway. But the Sunny-Shobha conspiracy hangs over this plot like a shroud, and when the lid is ripped off that sort of thing, well, that’s when the movies get interesting, in theory Ginny and Sunny will do what the title says, or will it challenge its own claims?

Which movies will it remind you of ?: Access the movie containing miscommunication plots full of incredibly stubborn characters, and whatever title you shoot is bound to be better than Ginny Weds Sunny

Performance to watch: Gautam is the best to defend against the stupidity of the force of the wind of this material

Memorable Dialogue: Ginny berates her mother for trying to hook her up with a guy who chews like a homunculus: « You bring a cow pie and I’m going to eat it like cake? »

Our take: Ginny Weds Sunny looks great, but has all the depth of a flea fedora He pulls off a mind-boggling feat, stretching roughly 30 minutes of material into two hours The characters are empty ships with non-content has been cast into a void The film stretches the Sunny-Ginny-Nashrat love triangle until it wears out The prodigious musical sequences exist to wake us from our sleep, and the sad montages put us back; none of them are at all necessary for the plot, which too quickly becomes repetitive and stagnant, and offers only the slightest lick of a whiff of fart of a dramatic enigma

Director Puneet Khanna tries to put the material in place in all kinds of desperate ways: extravagant cabinetry, photography and lush hair The one-liners are punctuated with cute little cues and sound effects letting us know when we should. laugh, although the movie wouldn’t need such things if it was really funny Believe it or not, it’s all relatively tolerable until the third act manifests as a spooky monolith with tonal incongruity in it. in which the lightness of the previous scenes is replaced by a somber march towards the unstoppable inevitabilities of break-up and makeup plot This becomes an exhausting soap opera for anyone who has made it this far Of course, it’s about Sunny’s arranged marriage to the daughter of a gang leader, so some of the twists of the evil story are happening Under threat of death by machine gun Hilarious This movie is bogus like a Flea Market Coach purse, and holds almost as well

Our call: SKIP IT Ginny Weds Sunny is a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad movie

John Serba is a freelance writer and film critic based in Grand Rapids, Michigan Read more about his work at johnserbaatlargecom or follow him on Twitter: @johnserba

Ginny Weds Sunny

World News – AU – Stream it or Pass it: « Ginny Weds Sunny » on Netflix, a Bollywood rom-com that begs us to laugh (and fails)


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