World news – AU – Students heading to a public high school involved in a « reckless » crash in the café sector


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A man who was transporting students to a public high school was charged with dangerous driving after losing control of his car while doing so was overworked and crashed into a strip of restaurants in Caloundra on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast District Director Craig Hawkins said the 18-year-old and the 16-year-old had not been injured but the result could have been much worse..

“The vehicle will be subjected to a mechanical check and if it is determined to have been intentional action, then it is . . . [A] Very serious accident, said Soubet Hawkins.

“Fortunately, these two people who were in the cafe will recover from those injuries, but if it weren’t because of the poles that were at the front of that cafe, then we would look at multiple serious injuries and I suspect they were fatalities..

The accident happened on the Seaview Terrace at Moffat Beach at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, the vehicle ended up on its side and pedestrians rushed to help..

A 52-year-old man and a 49-year-old woman who were dining at Moffat Beach Brewing Co were taken to Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Witnesses described seeing one car after another explode near Moffat Beach cafes while the vehicles were transporting students to their public school..

Vaughan Harrington was drinking beer with his Chilean dog in the crowded outdoor bar as a series of cars sped up their engines and exhausted in front of the graduating teens.

“[The alleged driver] came over the hill, lost control, hit the barricade and hit the seat, put up the couple, hit this poll, then turned on his side there,” Mr. Harrington said.

“I think his reaction might have been to try to stop but he lost control and rushed at us.

Mr. Harrington said his dog was released from bullets when the car collided with a heavy iron and wooden table, causing two diners to fall to the ground.

« You don’t have time to act. If this pole didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have had time to get out of the way.  ».

“I had some shock and so was my dog, we were all a little nervous, a little shaky. It was definitely my lucky day.

“If those columns and chains weren’t there and the column wasn’t very solid, the result would be completely different.

Gurga Schloss, Moffat Beach brewing employee, was sitting where the car had crashed just half an hour before the accident.

“When I set up a store this morning, I couldn’t believe how much damage was done, the tables that had been anchored to the ground, and the poles that had been anchored to the ground were completely torn apart and gone,” she said..

« I think someone was affected with this much strength, the poor man, I just hope he’s fine.

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In a statement, the Education Ministry said support was provided to any public school students or employees who witnessed the accident.

Police said the 44-year-old driver, from neighboring Glenview, was charged with one count of operating a dangerous vehicle.

« It’s all this driver drove to . . . Making this decision, it is very difficult to understand, especially the number of people in the area. « .

“We have seen 12 deaths on the roads of the Sunshine Coast this year . . . I cannot understand why someone would do this.

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Moffat Beach, Moffat Beach Brewing Company.

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