World News – AU – Tame Impala Announces InnerSpeaker Box Group 10th Anniversary


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Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker performs on stage on the third day of the Falls Festival on December 31, 2010 in Lorne

Earlier this year, Kevin Parker celebrated the 10th anniversary of Tami Impala’s debut album InnerSpeaker and hinted that « something special is coming soon. ».

Box set 4LP features a « 2020 mix » of tracks « Alter Ego » and « Runway Houses City Clouds », musical instruments for « Why Would You Make Up Your Mind » and « It’s Not To Be », a set of performances and a book from 40 pages.

Diehards will be enthusiastic about the inclusion of a previously unreleased « Wave House Live Jam » – as in the ownership of the studio in Washington where InnerSpeaker was manufactured, Parker recently purchased.

The Beastie Boys and Fatboy Slim have also made albums on the property – known as Wave House.

InnerSpeaker won a 2010 J Prize for Australia’s Album of the Year – hailing us as a « escalating 3D adventure » at the time. Just a few months ago, the album came in at number three on Double J’s list of the 50 best Australian debut albums. Hailed as « a timeless album that continues to hit like a mind-melting audio adventure from another era. ».

It’s also the classic album on Double J next week, join Caz Tran from 7 PM Monday November 23 to dive into this killer record.

Tame Impala’s 2020 album The Slow Rush was nominated for Best Australian Album of the Year at this year’s J Awards. Winners will be announced Thursday (19 November).. .

In a post marking the decade since the release of the album, Parker recalled « what I went through for about a week after I finished and signed the whole album, which scared anger at me and at that time seemed like an insurmountable task. ».

“Little did I know this was the easiest it could ever be. Today, he shares archive Instagram footage from the making of the album at Wave House. Presented below.

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LP11. It doesn’t mean to be 2. Desire be, desire to go 3. Ego change 4. Clarity 5. Why won’t you make up your mind 6. Isolation is LP21’s boon. Jerem’s Storm 2. Expect 3. Bold Arrow of Time 4. Runaway City Clouds5 homes. I dont really MindLP31. Alter Ego (2020 Mix) 2. Runaway Houses City Clouds (2020 Mix) 3. Why you won’t make up your mind (helpful) 4. It is not supposed to be a LP41 (musical instrument). Offers 2. Wave House Live Jam

The band dropped their version of « Say It Right » for a three-track set for BBC Radio 1.

The Beastie Boys and Fatboy Slim have also made albums on the property – known as Wave House.

Reviews discography and talks to Justin Timberlake and Rick Rubin-produced albums on Broken Record.

An album focusing on our relationship to time, The Slow Rush is the longest, choreographed, and most personal of Fremantle’s authors.

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World News – AU – Tame Impala Announces 10th Anniversary of InnerSpeaker Box


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