World news – AU – Terrible moment The hunter spider & Dozens of babies can be found behind the painting


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This is the terrifying moment when a woman discovers a massive hunter spider with dozens of her babies behind a painting in her kitchen.

The Aussie posted the terrifying footage of the spider entitled « Only in Australia » to TikTok. « 

The video shows a crowded kitchen with dozens of baby spiders on the wall next to a painting of the silhouette of a surfer.

The woman then approaches the painting before lifting it off the wall to reveal a giant hunter spider.

The terrible living being clip has more than 15. 300 likes with over 560 comments.

The reaction to the social app has been split, with some people appalled and others offering advice on the positive aspects of having a Huntsman spider around the house.

Hellobrooke_lyn said, « Stop it. One Christmas we brought the tree out of the garage and the next evening we noticed a flock of hunters crawling to the ceiling light. « 

Hunter spiders live in warm tropical climates around the world in countries such as Australasia, Asia, Africa, America and the Mediterranean.

They usually live in small gaps in the tree bark, but often wander into houses and cars in search of food. They move at lightning speed, can walk on walls and even ceilings, and suddenly travel great distances.

Unlike other species of spiders, instead of spinning webs, they go out to track and kill their prey, and they eat insects and small animals like mice and lizards.

They don’t want to anger a mummy hunter – they fiercely defend their young, attacking and biting those who threaten them.

When touched, they have a « sticky » reflex and remain firm. Shaking them off won’t work, but will make them angry and likely to bite.

Although typically found in the southern hemisphere, they have been known to stash in cargo and arrive unexpectedly in Europe. In the UK’s winter cold, however, they wouldn’t last long.

Despite their scary looks and aggression, they shouldn’t raise too much alarm – their poison is not fatal to humans, although it is known to cause headaches, vomiting, and palpitations.

Their diet consists mostly of insects, but they are also known to eat small reptiles like skinks and gekkos.

Photos of a terrifying Huntsman spider took the internet by storm in 2016 after the animal was found on a farm in Queensland, Australia.

And human fears rekindled after a monster spider the size of a dinner plate was at large in 2017 in a frightened couple’s home in Queensland.

The giant creepy crawlies need warm temperatures to survive and are therefore not found in the wild in the UK.

However, in 2017, a giant 18 cm animal was discovered lurking in a shipping container for a moving company in Mertsam, Surrey.

The spider had made a trip with a family’s belongings from Brisbane, Australia, to the UK.

They are typically sighted in southern England and Ireland as well from May to September.

Big Brothers Heavy D said in the last video

, « I need all the blessings I can get.  »

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World news – AU – Terrible moment The hunter spider & Dozens of babies can be found behind the painting
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