World News – AU – « The CCP’s activities are a threat to global freedom, democracy » – The Sunday Guardian Live


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The USANAS Foundation, a Udaipur-based think tank for geopolitical and security affairs, hosted a webinar on Wednesday on « The Communist Party’s Influence and Espionage Operations ». . The speakers were Teng Biao, a Grove Human Rights Scholar from the City University of New York and President of China Against the Death Penalty; Cleo Paskal, Associate Fellow at Chatham House, Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, International Advisory Board at the Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies; Aadil Brar, freelance journalist with National Geographic Young Explorer; and Dipanjay Roy Chaudhury, diplomatic editor with Economic Times Foreign and Strategic Affairs. Teng Biao spoke about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) threats to global freedom and democracy, including denying freedom of speech, meddling in elections, and influencing operations. The aim is to make the world safe for the CCP. The CCP uses institutions such as United Front Work, Confucius Institutions (run by the Ministry of Education), CSSA, Chamber of Commerce, Townsmen Association, Alumni Association, and Xinhua News Agency. These organizations are fully controlled by the Chinese embassy or the CCP. China has eliminated all independent Chinese-language media that once served the communities in the United States through a mixture of co-option and aggressive expansion of its own competitors.

Cleo Paskal said the CCP’s activities are aimed at advancing the CCP’s extensive national power. The CCP ranks countries based on their relatively extensive national power. The elements of this broad national power can vary but are very specific. It includes things like economic resources, human capital, natural resources, access to water, control over rare earths, capital resources (FDI), knowledge of technological resources, government resources, military resources, international resources, etc.. .

Aadil Brar spoke about the state media and its role in the Chinese system. There is no equivalent word for « propaganda » in Chinese. « The next word we can find is » advertisement « . . State media use journalism to disseminate information. There is a certain hierarchy in the state media. The CCP always controls these media. President Xi Jinping has internationalized state media to change China’s worldview. There are more than 200 in China. 000 journalists, more than half of whom work for the official broadcasters. These journalists play an important role in information gathering and in elections. Most of their reports are not sent and are used for message collection.

Experts say these reports and analyzes are written for party officials to read and there is a difference between what is collected and what has been published.

It is estimated that the CCP had an annual budget of 400 million in 2015. USD for propaganda. We don’t know the exact budget that is being spent on propaganda, but based on open source analysis and what we know, we can say that the budget has increased significantly since 2015, ”said Brar.

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World News – AU – « The CCP’s Activities Threaten Global Freedom, Democracy » – The Sunday Guardian Live
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