World news – AU – The combination of electronic and photon chips enables a new record in ultra-fast quantum light detection


The built-in detector integrates a silicon optical chip with a silicon electronic chip, resulting in advanced quantum light detection speed

Bristol researchers have developed a small device that paves the way for high-performance quantum computers and quantum communications, making them much faster than the latest current technology

Researchers from the QET Labs at the University of Bristol and the University of Côte d’Azur have created a new miniature light detector to measure the quantum features of light in more detail than ever before.The device, made of two silicon chips working together, has been used to measure the unique properties of quantum light. Compact at standard high speeds

Harnessing the unique properties of quantum physics with new paths to outperform the latest technologies in computing, communication and measurement. Silicon photons – where light is used as the carrier of information in micro-silicon wafers – is an exciting way towards these next-generation technologies.

“Compressed light is a very useful quantum effect that can be used in quantum communications and quantum computers, and it has already been used by the LIGO and Virgo Gravitational Wave Observatory to improve their sensitivity, helping to discover strange astronomical events such as black hole mergers,” Joel Tasker said. Co-lead author: “So improving their measurement methods can have a big impact.

Compact photometry requires specially designed detectors for extremely low electronic noise to detect the weak quantum features of light but such detectors have so far been limited in the speed of the signals that can be measured – about a thousand million cycles per second.

“This has a direct effect on the processing speed of emerging information technologies such as optical computers and communications with very low levels of light.” The co-lead author Jonathan Fraser said, the more bandwidth of your detector, the faster it can perform calculations and transmit information

The integrated detector has so far been registered with an order of magnitude faster than the latest in previous technology, and the team is working on improving the technology to run faster

Detector area is less than a square millimeter – this compact size enables high-speed detector performance. The detector is built from silicon microelectronics and an optical silicon chip

Around the world, researchers have been exploring how to integrate quantum photonics into a chip to demonstrate scalable manufacturing.

“A lot of focus was on the quantum part, but we are now beginning to integrate the interface between quantum photonics and electrical readings. This is necessary for the entire quantum structure to function efficiently. For homogeneity detection, the chip scale approach results in a device with a small footprint for mass manufacturing, and most importantly It provides a performance boost, ”said Professor Jonathan Matthews, Project Director.

Silicon photonics interact with built-in electronics to measure 9 GHz of light compressed by Tasker, J and others in Nature Photonics

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World News – AU – The combination of electronic and photon chips enables a new record in the detection of quantum light at breakneck speed
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