World News – AU – The coronavirus outbreak in Sydney is spreading to the central NSW coast


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Posted: 10:31 GMT, Jan.. December 2020 | Updated: 10:55 GMT, Jan.. December 2020

A NSW Central Coast resident tested positive for coronavirus after visiting Sydney’s northern beaches, where there is a group of 28 cases.

The newly infected person visited Palm Beach in northern Sydney before taking a ferry back to Wagstaffe on the Central Coast on Wednesday evening.

They were tested after news broke from the Northern Beaches cluster on Thursday before receiving a positive result, which was confirmed by Central Coast Health on Friday night.

« The case has been linked to the cluster on the northern beaches, » announced the health authority.

People were seen in Palm Beach on Sydney’s northern beaches on Friday despite NSW Health advising people to stay home. A Central Coast resident visited Palm Beach Wednesday before returning to Wagstaffe and testing positive on Friday

‘We’re caring for and supporting a Central Coast resident diagnosed with COVID-19.

A close contact who lives in the same house has also been tested and is currently self-isolating as it awaits results.

The infected person died on Wednesday at 18. Took a ferry from Palm Beach to Wagstaffe on the Central Coast at 3pm.

Anyone who was on board the ferry is considered casual contact and is encouraged to get tested immediately if symptoms occur, even if they are mild.

The ferry ride is the only place where casual contact is possible. No other exposure sites are identified on the Central Coast.

NSW Health advised all Northern Beaches residents to stay home Thursday night, but residents defied the advice on Friday.

Many were seen sunbathing and swimming in Palm Beach on Friday. This is the same beach that the newly infected person visited on Wednesday.

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Central Coast, New South Wales

World News – AU – The Sydney coronavirus outbreak is spreading to the central coast of NSW
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