World News – AU – The FIA ​​will not relax the rules for Bahrain’s short F1 lap


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The 3. Over a distance of 5 km, lap times of just 53 seconds are expected, with the drivers possibly being able to drive several laps on their tires in qualifying.

With 20 cars on the track, the first quarter is expected to be especially tough as drivers try to find a clear lap, but Masi insists normal obstacle rules apply.

« I think during the training we take a generally liberal view, a more liberal view because it’s practice, » said Masi.

â ???? But during qualifying the standard elements of any unnecessary handicap that occurs are examined and checked for merit.

â ???? So I don’t think a short lap negates the need not to unnecessarily hinder someone. â ????

Despite the short lap time, Masi does not expect any particular hurdles for the race at the weekend.

â ???? It will certainly be hectic, let’s just say ???? he said. We’re looking at one of the longest Grand Prix in terms of number of laps that we’ve obviously seen in a long time.

â ???? There will be quick rounds of fire for sure. We’ll see what it is, but the simulations predict 53-55 second laps. or something like that. So it will surely be intense in other ways.

â ???? But also a good challenge to cope with something else. And after talking to a number of teams, they see it the same way, something completely different. â ????

Masi has also downplayed some drivers’ concerns about being « aggressive ». Curbs in the chicane which is part of the section that bypasses the standard lane.

â ???? There are curbs there and yes, they are aggressive curbs, but no different from many other racetracks. Some areas have super aggressive curbs, some stretches have less aggressive curbs.

â ???? But there is also the racetrack in between, which is the goal of getting left behind. And looking back, drivers always asked about different types of curbs and more aggressive types of curbs in different areas. So it discourages them to get off track. â ????

« There will actually be more links that we want to monitor than track limits because there are, » he added.

â ???? So run behind apex curbs instead of wide. But we’ll see again how we train on Friday and what we have to do. It is a completely new circumstance for everyone. â ????

Formula 1, Bahrain International Circuit

World news – AU – The FIA ​​will not relax the rules for Bahrain’s short F1 lap
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FIA will relax & # 39 Don’t relax to get in the way of the Bahrain& # 39 short lap rules



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