World News – AU – The spawning of the Great Barrier Reef is broadcast live


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It’s a massive natural phenomenon right on our doorstep and there is hope that a first ever Australian event will bring the whole country together in awe.

Starting Friday evening, the ABC will broadcast live footage of the Great Barrier Reef spawning event, which only happens once a year and was predicted by scientists for this weekend.

« This is an Australian premiere. It’s a real-time visual glimpse of this massive biological phenomenon, « Reef Live programming co-host actor Brooke Satchwell told News. com. ouch.

The Great Barrier Reef is the only natural structure that can be seen without the aid of space and is home to around 9,000 species.

« They all regenerate and reproduce because of the synchronicity of temperature, light, and the moon, » said Satchwell.

The Seachange star told Reef Live starting at 8 a.m.. Friday and 8:30 a.m.. On Saturday at 40 o’clock a « glass bottom boat would be brought into people’s living rooms ». .

« This is an opportunity for a joint cultural event with sporting events and the moon landing, » she said.

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The broadcast has been scheduled so that spawning is most likely once the sea temperature has been at 26 ° C or above for a month.

Corals generally reproduce four to six nights after the full moon in November, when the tides are low, and about two to three hours after sunset, as plankton eaters sleep and give the eggs more time to wean.

Satchwell said the hope is that the live broadcast would help people connect with what is in their backyard.

« Hopefully it connects people to the reef and gives a sense of custody. We are stewards of the environment, « she said.

« It’s magical and needs to be protected, it’s our home. Hopefully this will inspire people to take on this responsibility. «  »

When asked if Australia is doing enough about climate change, which is the greatest risk to the reef, Satchwell said « no ». .

However, she also pointed to other factors affecting the health of the reef, including runoff from farms, which shed pollution into the waterways.

« What flows into our sinks also flows into waterways . . . we are poisoning the entire system, including ourselves.

A report from the Climate Council predicted that the reef could be bleached every two years by 2034, unless more is done to limit climate change.

« A 2 ° C rise in global mean temperature will almost certainly mean the collapse of warm-water tropical reefs around the world, » the report said.

To give the reef any chance of survival, global warming must be limited to 1. 5C, but it has already reached 1C.

This year the International Union for Conservation of Nature also downgraded the reef’s prospect from « Serious Concern » to « Critical ». .

Satchwell said the Reef Live program would showcase the incredible people who dedicated their lives to supporting and preserving the reef.

During the live broadcast, marine biologist Dr. Dean Miller, freediver and marine scientist Lucas Handley, and shark attorney Madison Stewart above and below the water.

Q&A moderator Hamish MacDonald and the scientist and inventor Dr. Jordan Nguyen will interview the indigenous community and conservationists in the studio during the hour-long broadcast with Satchwell.


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World News – AU – Spawning of the Great Barrier Reef to be broadcast live
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