World news – AU – Tohoku Electric agrees to restart the Miyagi reactor damaged in the 2011 disaster


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Tohoku Electric Power said on Wednesday it received the green light from a local governor to restart one of its nuclear reactors, after nearly a decade of damage in the earthquake and tsunami that caused the Fukushima disaster

Yoshihiro Murai, the governor of Miyagi Prefecture, where the Onagawa nuclear plant of Tohoku Electric is located, signed the restart of Reactor No. 2 on Wednesday, a spokesman told Reuters by phone

If restarted, Onagawa No 2 will be Tohoku Electric’s first nuclear unit in operation since the 2011 disaster, and the first reactor on the northeastern coast of Japan’s Pacific Ocean has been restarted since all reactors were closed following the disaster


Tohoku received regulatory approval to restart the reactor in February The spokesperson said the company has not set a date to restart the unit because other operations need approval from regulators and Tohoku Electric is still working on safety measures that are due to be completed in the year beginning in March. 2022

Expects to spend 340 billion yen (3 USD 1 billion) on safety upgrades at the Onagawa plant

Onagawa was the closest Japanese nuclear plant to the epicenter of the magnitude 9 earthquake in March 2011, which caused a tsunami that killed nearly 20,000 people and caused the worst atomic disaster since Chernobyl in 1986

The tsunami swept through the plant, but survived with its cooling system intact, saving its reactors from the risk of collapses similar to those that occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Station of the Tokyo Electric Power Corporation to the south

The boiling water reactor operates with the same basic design as the one that melted in the Fukushima crisis

The Fukushima disaster led to the eventual shutdown of the 54 reactors operating in the country at the time, which provided nearly a third of the electricity in Japan

Everything had to be re-licensed under the new standards after the disaster highlighted operational and organizational shortcomings and only one works at present

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This was a one-sided decision by the mayor and mayor. I saw the interviews on the street on TV yesterday and people were saying that a local referendum should have taken place if not a referendum in the governorate again. I and someone think it would be safe to assume that both From the governor and mayor have received payments for this move Check the fault line north of the nuclear bomb site at the link provided in the article If something happens south, the mayor and mayor should be held accountable at least for professional intentional negligence

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World news – AU – Tohoku Electric gets Approval to restart the Miyagi reactor, which was damaged in the 2011 disaster


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