World News – AU – Triceratops will be calling Melbourne at home


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The museums in Victoria confirmed Wednesday that they had acquired an 87 percent complete fossil of a Triceratops horridus dinosaur with a date of 67 million. year old.

The fossil, which is slated to move from Canada to the Melbourne Museum from 2021, contains skin impressions, tendons, a spine and a 261 kilogram skull.

« This is one of the world’s most significant dinosaur discoveries ever made, » said Lynley Crosswell, Director of the Victoria Museum.

« We know our triceratops will delight and amaze audiences and inspire us to ponder the remarkable wonder and fragility of life on earth. « 

Museums Victoria Senior Curator for Paleontology Dr. Erich Fitzgerald said it was one of the most informative dinosaur fossils ever found.

« Despite its popularity, many questions about the anatomy and paleobiology of Triceratops remain open.

« This fossil is made up of hundreds of bones, including a full skull and spine, that will help solve puzzles about how this species lived 67 million years ago. « 

The Triceratops specimen was discovered on private property in the United States in 2014 and is larger than a full-grown African elephant weighing more than 1,000 kg.

It is nearly seven meters long and more than two meters high, has a 148 cm wide frill and three horns.

A team of experts from Museums Victoria traveled to Canada earlier this year, where extensive preparations are being made to excavate the triceratops from the rock in which they are trapped and transport them to Melbourne.

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World News – AU – Triceratops will call Melbourne home
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